Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by THESUN, Sep 16, 2008.

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  1. Hello all,

    I am terribly sorry to post on your forum, but hopefully some of you can help!

    My name is Judy Cogan and I'm a writer on The Sun newspaper.

    I am sure you are aware we are running a campaign 'Help the Heroes' at The Sun, backing our soldiers 100%.

    In light of this I am looking into the living conditions of army wives, particularly families.

    I am looking for army wives who would be willing to speak to me about their living conditions in married quarters.

    If you think you can help please give me a call direct on via the News International switch board 0207 782 7000 and ask for ext 4328 and we can have a chat about the details.

    Many thanks

    Judy Cogan
    Sun Woman writer
  2. *dons tin helmet*
  3. How much cash will be donated to H4H for info???
  4. 100% behind our forces...................................................... Until another story comes up and then you're all blood thirsty scum who deserve to be tried and convicted without trial.
  5. I cannot begin to think that Judy has not read very much of this place; admitting to being a journalist is brave, acknowledging she writes for the Sun is even more brave. Asking for something about women's issues is the height of bravery. However, it sometimes pays to sleep with the enemy so could we direct her to the women's area and be nice to her. Even if the proposed item does a little tiny lote of good, the plant should be encouraged and not used as a target for the aspiring Fawlty Towers script writers.
    Smile Judy - it could be a heavy night!
  6. SUPPORT ?!?!? In a funny way and only as long as you get stories for your paper. Try talking to the Army press people that´s what they are there for. I think many wives have different things on their mind than talking to the press right now... :roll:
  8. oldbaldy

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  9. Judy:

    Why just wives? Are you so far behind the times that you have failed to grasp that there are women deployed with husbands/partners left at home?

    Please follow the suggestions and contact the Public Affairs Officer. They in turn will ask if there are any families interested in responding to you. The PAFFO will also point you to any literature or scholarship that has been written on the subject to assist your research.
  10. Boys, its got to be a scam. Even the Sun is not so far behind the times to be writing about Army Wives - they died a death a few years ago. Now we have Army partners - male and female, Army Husbands, and civil partnerships. Even my local rag backhome would not be so rude and old fashioned as to write a piece on 'Army Wives'.