Living at Barracks After Training

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by afartinthefog, Sep 5, 2012.

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  1. Hi there I am about to start basic at Catterick and I can't wait but one thing is bothering me.

    From what I understand, when I get to battalion and start living in the barracks I cannot bring girls back with me for obvious reasons and this bothers me since I am always skanting for a shag.

    I am wondering when I can/should leave the barracks and rent my own place to have a little more freedom.

    I know this is a stupid question to ask since I'm joining the bloody army and shouldn't worry about bedding rotters in my own place but regardless I am curious.
  2. How good are you at gardening and washing dishes?
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  3. Just put what you've put here down in writing to the CO and he'll agree with no problems. Infact just email him the url? Save the paper and all that.
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  4. Have you met the women of catterick?
  5. Either this is a pisstake, or the AFCO's really need to tighten up a little bit.
    Jesus Christ.
  6. Depends on the barrack's you go to and if the accommodation is single or 2-4 man rooms, but there's always loopholes ie, boot of car , bribing the guard commander(spit-roast).

    But don't worry the rotter's you meet will know the drill, just don't be one of the mugs that marries one.
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  7. I agree. With writing skills like that he should be passing out of Sandhurst not ITC Catterick.
  8. Or alternatively, save yourself the bother and hop on one of the ever present beasts that are permanently on camp anyway...Behind the bar, in the NAAFI, fat pad wives!
  9. Join the RAF. They stay in one place so long that it's their human right to live in their own place.

    Seriously, you want to rent your own place. I assume you are a good enough cook to prepare all your meals and buy all the ingredients. You will probably need a car to get to work as most camps are a bit off the beaten track and you have to make sure you are up and ready on time all by yourself. How much do they pay recruits nowadays?
  10. At the risk of replying to a possible wind up how about you worry about passing the CIC before thinking about how you're going to shag gronks.

    Most camps have a rule about no guests in camp after 2359 but how rigidly this is enforced will vary from unit to unit and guard commander to guard commander.

    As for renting a place, waste of money if you're only doing it so you have somewhere to shag fatties.

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  11. Or a Daughter of a respectable senior rank is always a favourite, but a fat pads wife is the all time winner.
  12. Do jogging around the married quarters and look out for the packet of OMO in the window.
  13. Fixed that for you. Jarrod will be along shortly to square you away.
  14. First chance you get pop into one of the town centre boozers in Richmond, for the price of a pint one of the local bikes will tell you all you need to know.
  15. DS answer - her place.

    Not only does it save you having to rent somewhere, when you wake up the next morning and realise that you've been snoozing next to a hippocrocagorillapig you can make your escape and she won't be able to track you down.
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