Living and working in Kiev

I've got an opportunity to open an office in Kiev as I have some new clients there.
Has anyone any experience of living there? I would be very grateful for any info from fellow Arrsers.

Not too bothered about the bureaucratic side of things as that can be arranged through a Ukrainian partner. I'm more interested in which direction people think the city is going in the next 5 to 10 years.

Has it started growing yet?, has it levelled off?, attitude of the people, this kind of thing.

Potentially, it is a massive investment of time (And money), away from my home and baby daughter for up to 6 months to set it up, so any comments are very welcome.

Thanks in advance.
Don't know Kiel apart from having a few good nights on the pisch there.


Deleted 20555

Be very, very careful and don't put a cent more than you can afford to lose into the venture.
hi, having a keen intrest in property in eastern europe, i would like to say that in the circles i frequent, research keep an eye on etc etc,,,, the ukraine is likely to follow, latvia,poland, bulgaria etc on into the world property market,all be it not that soon. with in the next 10-15 years say.
i'm certinly watching it for this reason.
good luck.

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