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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by gazza82, Aug 24, 2009.

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  1. Hello
    I am going to apply for the army and hope I am successful in the recruitment process. Cut to the chase I am married and once I have passed out and finished phase 2 training.
    Will I get accommodation for both of us?
    If so what are the Costs?
    Do you have to pay Electricity and Gas separately or are they included in rent?
    Just thought some of you already serving or who have served maybe able to give me an insight on the situation. The more info the better ;)

    Thanks in advance

    Gareth 8)
  3. Yes you will get a married quarter which the cost of monthly is dependant on where you are living,size of house etc. This is deducted from your wages direct along with council tax. Electric, Gas etc you and wifey pay for , hope this helps
  4. The house size will depend on how many kids you have, The rent is pretty cheap, but Utilities have to be paid for by you (Gas/Electricity and such like)
    Rent is taken directly from your wages so you dont really notice it.
    You will have to pay for your first move but after that the Army will move you whenever you are posted.
  5. You should get posted were I am mate, the views are lovely, the water warm and the beer is cold.
  6. Would love to be stationed in Cyprus though do not know if there are any AAC postings to Cyprus.

    Thank you for all your responses so far. though keep the answers coming if you have more to contribute ;)

  7. Sadly I don't think there are, just RAF aircrew (if thats what your doing)
  8. Nope AAC Groundcrew soldier.
  9. Think you've dipped out then matey.