I've been offered one of these for a mere £50 by my sister who after an over enthusiastic bout of Ebaying has a buckshee one, the question(s) I have is/are they worth it it, has anyone used them?

I'm of the "is okay I'll be able to read my notes and type the minutes up later" school of thought....and am only ever able to with great difficulty, a an added bonus these things are able to record the conversation.

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I have one and like it a lot although I don't use all the features on it. You need to get a notepad that works with the pen so that will set you back another 15 - 20 quid for a set of 4 x A4 books. Its possible to load apps onto the pen but personally I think there a waste of time. Once the pen has had its contents dumped onto a computer its real simple to search for notes that were made 6 months earlier. The search function works like a gem even with some seriously crappy writing.
I have had one for a couple of years now, found it well worthwhile as I do a lot of note taking, and also going through technical diagrams/charts is store simple as pen and (admittedly expensive) paper is still much more fluid than bloody visio. One issue I have is the extra expense of the handwriting recognition add on, but as it happens my handwriting when rushed is proof against any if that shit anyway.

An unexpected bonus I never banked on was being able to record voice during meetings and conference sessions with the studio playback synced to weather notes you took, as it keeps timestamps of when you write - as I'm no shorthand expert this is very handy.

The price you have there is good, but now it's finally out, if recommend for anyone with deep pockets to get the new one that syncs over WiFi.

I tried going as far add buying their special post its but that never really worked out.


P.s. the above looks fan boi, but I j just like it.

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