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Just a quick heads up about a new campaign set up to extend the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme to the start of the War on Terror. This would mean every serviceman and woman who has been severely wounded in combat during the Afghan and Iraq conflicts gets the exact same level of compensation from the government.

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Article by Richard Kemp in the Telegraph:

Cheers lads,

that is great, however about the lads (and lassies) that were fu*ked up in previous campaigns NI, Aden, Suez, Bosinia Falklands etc etc ?

I wish you all the best with this.

There has to be a logical start date which naturally is the War on Terror. It's also unjustified for the government to give compensation to only half the people in one conflict, i.e. making the scheme start in 2005, when the fighting in both Iraq and Afghanistan started 2-4 years earlier.
I can't support this, and why should I, I was medically discharged in 2006 with chronic complicated PTSD, I am now on a 70% war pension.

Is my PTSD any better or any worse than someones who served in Iraq, so what are you going to do with ex-soldiers like me.

Why should anyone who has been medically discharged after April 2005 lose out on compensation, just because they haven't served in Iraq or Afghanistan there were still fighting the war on terror while they wore the uniform.

All you people are doing is the government's job for them by dividing and ruling the ex-servicemen's community.
It may not be a panacea to all the issues that have been created by the two-tier status of veterans, but at least it might start some debate, or at least raise awareness of the severity of the underlying issue that has been created.

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