Liverpool's new POP sensation

Here he is pop music fans

"Such an accepting place"

Really? It's just as bigoted and prejudiced and anywhere else, if not more so

Only if you’re Catholic :)

I have to say, I’m in total agreement. There can’t be many cities in the world that have two cathedrals because they can’t get by with sharing or whatever. Paddy’s wigwam however is a fcuking eyesore.


I looked up one of his offerings on Youtube ho hum.

I liked this quote from the article

'With a distinctive style, heavy make-up and a thick unibrow, Callum has compared his look to the likes of David Bowie and Prince. '

I presume he means he looks like a dead man after the embalmers have finished.
What gender does his caterpillar self identify as?
Kill it with fire, just in case it tries to breed with a human.

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