Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Paton216tech, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Was down there last week on a job for 3 days, I couldn't wait to get back up to the glorious north east after spending 3 days in a city I can only describe as a total dump, full of chavs and robbers and general scum of the earth. In the past the scousers I have known have generally been ok people though not to be trusted obviously. The pubs, shops, estates were totally grim. Surprisingly enough the bloke actually paid me in full for for the work we did. Not going back in a hurry or if I do then will get me jabs updated just to be safe.
    They might have a semi decent football team but thats it. AVOID unless you're already suffering an existence down there.
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  2. This will; end well...
  3. Aye I was there the other week.Makes blyth look like fucking beverley hills.:)
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  4. This seems to be an affliction that has blighted many of our cities and towns in recent years. I travel quite widely and it seems as if only the lowest denizens of our society are walking in the sunlight. The decent, honest working people I think are knackered after work and only venture out to the out of town shops to get their stuff in - the town and city centers are overtaken by something approaching a zombie apocolapse.

    I am from Liverpool and view it with only slightly rose tinted spectacles - but in the past month I have noticed similar in Lincoln, Leeds, Bristol and worst of all Manchester.
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  5. I think Tranmere Rovers class as pretty good in comparison to the other local sides.
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  6. i've been visiting Liverpool with work at least once a month for the last year or so. The blokes I work with there couldn't be any more helpful and pleasnant, so much so that I took my lass up there for a long weekend.

    Our hotel on the Albert Dock was lovely and the staff were extremely helpful. Over three days we go to visit all four cathedrals in the town along with three truly outstanding restaurants and some cracking bars.

    I put it to you that it's your disposition thats causing the problem and not the postcode that you have been working in.
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  7. You must not have alloy wheels.
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  8. You seem to be generalising there.

    How very dare you!!!

    Some decent folk do manage to hold down jobs during the hours of sunlight.
  9. I think that might be your problem there - if you were around and working during the daytime then the only people you will see about are the unemployed and the general dross. In any town this will be the case (I doubt you would notice it in your own, you never do).
  10. 'Surprisingly enough the bloke actually paid me in full for for the work we did.' So that doesn't happen where you live then? Missing you already.
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  11. You are the Iron dukes sock puppet!
    I claim my £5. Send via pm. Yah?
  12. Liverpool is a good night out, especially down Mathew Street where the Cavern club is, but I've never seen a city so full of rats after dark (and I mean the four legged long tailed things). I was walking back to my hotel one night through the centre and it was like a sea of them scurrying off under the shutters of shops & down alleyways. Then I noticed how many light fingered human rats were hanging around the shopping area in daylight stealing peoples shopping bags while they sat on benches chatting. It's a decent city to visit but fucking hell don't take your eyes off your valuables.
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  13. Yeah it's a cracking night out. I was at a conference there couple of years ago. We had so great food and good live entertainment. They do seem to hang on to singing Beatles stuff though.
  14. If you got in a taxi,I hope it wasn't a get away car."hey calm down,calm down.our tel"
  15. Utter bollocks, the city has many beautiful buildings and the waterfront and old docks are as good as you'll see anywhere. Of course there'll be poor estates, there are in any inner city but Liverpool is a lot better than many comparable Northern Cities. Let's not let piss taking get in the way of reality and give credit where credit's due.
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