Liverpool this weekend

I was over in the shed's at cammel lairds in Birkenhead yesterday morning with my kid's to see an art project set for Liverpool city centre over the next few day's. If you are in easy reach of Liverpool go and see La Machine's Princess it is fecking incredible and trust me I've seen some stuff but this beats it all.

I'm not easily impressed but this 50 odd foot spidery mechanical thingy is well worth a look. It is been done by those french people who did the Emperors Elephant in London a few years ago but bigger this time. It will be wandering around the city centre until Sunday.

This isn't the NAAFI so don't don't bother with the tired old scouse hater rhetoric, if you can, go and see it for yourself, this isn't the sort of thing you see everyday. They should mount a couple of 50 cal's on the front and send it to Helmand, if you see it you will understand, when it is static it looks impressive but when it starts moving it is an OMG WTF moment.
It does look a bit ally, but it would be better if it wandered around and ate the occasional chav. Now that would be performance art worth watching! :D


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Piece in the Mail

Giant mechanical spider suspended from Liverpool tower block to mark Capital of Culture

A giant spider has been spotted on the skyline of one of Britain's biggest cities - but arachnophobes need not fear.
The huge insect spotted in Liverpool is in fact entirely mechanical and part of a new piece of street theatre organised to mark its year as Capital of Culture.
Weighing 37 tonnes and standing 50ft high, the spider is currently clinging to the side of Concourse Tower in the city.

The street theatre event is being staged by the same group of artists who brought London to a half with their Sultan Elephant two years ago.
That show saw a 12-metre tall puppet pachyderm roam the city and became one of the most talked-about public spectacles of recent years.
French arts collective La Machine are keeping exact details of the Liverpool event a close secret but it has been in the planning for 18 months.

It is thought the insect will come down from its current position tomorrow and then 'wake up' on Friday before starting to explore the city.
Tens of thousands of visitors are expected in Liverpool over the three days to try and see the mechanical arachnid.
It has been billed as one of the highlights of the Capital of Culture celebrations and has cost £1.8 million.
The spider was built in Nantes, France, before being shipped to England and assembled in a top-secret location.
I'm surprised that nobody has commented that the organiser's name is Nicky Webb. :lol:

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