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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by LostBoss, Jan 27, 2005.

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    "England's first prostitution tolerance zone could be set up within months after councillors in Liverpool approved the move."

    A Home Office spokesman said: "We raised the question of managed zones in our consultation paper on prostitution, called Paying the Price.

    "We are looking into the pros and cons of such zones, but it would require primary legislation to make them legal.

    Obviously they spent most time looking at the Pros.
  2. And those of us who speak rude schoolboy French will be keen to get to grips with the cons.
  3. In early Venetian times, the town leaders stipulated that the ' young ladies of the evening ' had to display their ' wares' by having their bosoms exposed so that prospective clients could immediately tell they were not ' lads dressed up for a lark ' or out to con the ' shoppers '..

    I think that law should be part of any new ' liberal sex trade ' practice any cosmopolitan centre may be contemplating...
  4. Doesn't Liverpool's population consist entirely of pros and cons? :D
  5. I bet Wayne Rooney's wishing he never left now :lol:
  6. Back in the early 90's I was working with sex workers around the hospital , Catherine street and Cathedral areas of Liverpool ( not as a customer) and was supprised how many of the casual workers were home counties students , having spent daddys allowence and their grant had decided to charge for what they normally gave away free. I heard that the Liverpool branch of help the aged offered to top up Evertons wage offer to keep Roony in the city.
  7. Except, in some places (large Canadain cities) it has been that "pre-op" males have paraded the streets sans top, bare breast. (against the law for women, but not men to go shirtless) to sell their wares.

    In Vancouver BC, there is (if not already done) a move to form a "Sex trade workers Union"
  8. Mdn has single handedly, kept them in buisness. Even when he has done the 'drop test' (akin to the Croc Dundee five fingered examination), he still carries through to 'get his monies worth'. I even have second hand knowledge of him frotting an Ice Hockey player from Montreal, in a bar, due to him buying him/her a Bud. Now thats getting your monies worth.