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I'm currently a private soldier with my local TA Infantry unit due to attend Liverpool University this September. I've taken two years out in between Sixth Form and Uni, most of which were spent in green on various exercises and Telic 7. Most of the officers that I've spoken to in both my unit and the Regular units I've served with have urged me to go for OTC under the TASO route, especially my PSAO who used to be the RSM there. I'm looking to get commissioned once I've finished uni and am waiting out for an RCB date before September. Question is, will I be selling myself short if I go to the OTC? I've seen some of them at it before (never Liverpool) and they've ranged from decent to downright choppers, and although the thought of spending my weekends getting bladdered and working my way through the female cadets like a dose of salts are appealing it's not going to be worth it if the training is pants. The Kingo Coy in the city is due to merge with my parent unit 4 Lancs later this year so transfering there wouldn't cause too much of a **** around.

Any words from those who have been with LUOTC?

Having been with LUOTC for 3 excellent years whilst at University and subsequently 8 yrs commissioned service, I would strongly advise you to join OTC and enjoy the social aspects of the organisation.

Whilst it would seem that you have gained much military experience already as a private, it would probably do you a lot of good to enhance the other "non-military" skills you will require as an officer by joing the OTC....

You certainly would not be selling yourself short in the OTC - it would be your chance to share some of your military experience with others who have none, whilst at the same time learning from the others around you and benefiting from all that is on offer. Remember, day one at Sandhurst you are all treated the same - your previous experience is already enough to give you a head start in certain areas - ironing uniform for example - but do not forget that Sandhurst will train you how they want to train you and the instructors and other cadets do not particularly enjoy STAB know-it-alls.

Forget the TA, enjoy your student years and get shagging!

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