Liverpool night out

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by FrankMac, Nov 2, 2011.

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  1. Got a mate's birthday night out shortly in Liverpool. I've heard the now closed Grafton used to be a good pulling joint for various MILF's/scutters etc. Anyone know if any other venue in Liverpool picked up the baton and is now the place to find the easy gash? Cheers in advance.
  2. Scouse girls are real mingers and they have all got chlamydia,come to Manchester and go to the Printworks,at least our girls are good looking (even if they do have chlamydia)....
  3. Give us a run down about Garlands then JBM. Sorry tuffy, Liverpool it is i'm afraid :)
  4. Manchester is very bland compared to Liverpool. Liverpool is the second city of the Empire.
  5. Second shittest, after Birmingham
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  6. come to the toon, fckin freezin and lasses scantily clad in all year round, cheap pint though. Try the Percy if you fancy a fight
  7. I don't think you've fully understood the question.
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  8. Just go to any bar, pay for you beer with a £20 note, those scally slaggs will be fighting over your change, I pulled a bird in B&Q, nice body, robbers dog of a face mind!!

  9. That's a much clearer statement my man........
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  10. Thanks JBM. Just checked out Garlands online, and i think i'll pass. Might be useful to Jarrod though! :)
  11. Bastard, I was hoping you'd just turn up.
  12. And join you at the bar........!!
  13. Places to go in Liverpool for ready totty are:

    Flanagans - Mattew Street
    Rubber Sole - Mathew street
    Smokey Mo's - opposite the Adlephi Hotel
    Flares - Mathew Street
    The Royal Naval Club Disco on a Friday Night - at The Childwall Rocket (highly recommended for those interested in mature ladies)

    Then if you are aged 23 or under go to Concert Square
  14. Liverpool. Night out? Stay in!