Liverpool named Capital of Culture

Liverpool has been named European Capital of Culture 2008 by Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell.  

Any thoughts about this?  As a Southerner I will refrain from making any comments that might be construed to be "regionalist".  (I'm sure in this PC world there must be some crime along those lines.)
I'm not form the south and I think it sucks ass that Newcastle didn't win.  All that lefty shit there has paid off in the end!
Just another thing  to be read from the charge sheet, come the glorious day.

This government is taking the fcuking p*ss. The City of Culture nomination, wasn't judged on, "Who has the most culture" because  Oxford would have strolled it.

It wasn't judged on "Who might give the warmest welcome to foreign visitors" because Newcastle would have romped in

It wasn't judged on "Which city has made the most effort with itself, and has transformed itself out of recognition, has the best transport and attractions facilities" because Birmingham would have said Thankyaverymuch.

It was judged on "Which city needs the most investment, will get EU grants the easiest, will get McGuiness and Adams support, and which we have steadfastly ignored for umpteen years" Ahhhh Liverpool, the jewel of the North.

What a numpty decision. Liverpool? Galloping Jesus , it's a decision that makes as much sense as the site of the Millenium Dome. Still, my sister made a tidy profit in the bookies  ;D
PTP wrote 'has the biggest fcuking crime problem'

Interested in your sources for the above comment other than the curly wigs and wallet jokes that have been put around for years.

Yes I am from Liverpool and listen and read (on this board and elsewhere) the comments and normally don't bother but let's tease out all the sources for a change.

I assume we will also get posts as to the lack of crime elsewhere to show just how bad Liverpool is as well.

'needs the most investment, will get EU grants the easiest'

Agree with this one tho' as it saves the government having to provide the funds.

Murielson, I apologise, and retract my statement re. Scallyville and crime. Just waded through that report, and whilst Merseyside has a significant problem, it ain't the worst.

Actually looking at those statistics, Greater manchester isn't exactly crime free at the moment


i've been to newcastle and i think its a sh!thole , i much prefer mathew street nite life to newcastle
Remind me please.  Which is Cherie Blair's home town?
That noise you can hear, is the penny dropping  ;D
No probs. Heard similar statements regarding Greater Manchester (Liverpool v Man U thread on another site) just didn't have the source info. We have our share of scumbags etc same as most large cities  but that's a sign of society.

A lot has to be down to Sir Bob Scott (link below) who got the bid sorted out. Can't imagine he'll be short of offers in the future.


The city is like any other in the country, we have our good points and our bad points

Hopefully this will highlight some of the good ones and just maybe help us lose the reputation we have.  Admittedly the city did used to be terribly run but it is changing for the better, we dont have the old lefty council any more, its Lib Dem.......and Bob Scott was behind the (admittedly unsuccessful) bid that Manchester put in for the Olympics a few years ago.  Stuff like this is good for a region that takes a hell of a battering from the media...


I live in Liverpool and as for it being nominated as the "CAPITAL OF CULTURE" they may well call it that but it certainly NOT the city of SAFETY.
When I can go out with my wife to a Park without fear of some scally trying to mug me or when I can go into the city center in my car and park it up and not worry if it will still be there or at least intact and when the streets (incl the city center) do NOT LOOK like shithouses with the litter  and  rubbish and street salesmen in the center then it MAY be entitled to use its new title. ::) ::)
Untill then why dont they award the title to a more deserving city (providing it is NOT Manchester).
Well I have had my say so off to me coco and pit for some sleep. :mad:
Untill then why dont they award the title to a more deserving city (providing it is NOT Manchester).

As a Manc, my thoughts are, that Liverpool deserve this.  And I say that because the place has been shat on for years.  Looking at what this award did to Glasgow back in the '80's, this should bring in much needed cash and jobs, and give the City a much needed boost that will make the place prosper for years to come.  This doesn't mean I like the scousers now ...............


Gotta say that this is a good thing for any city to get, as demonstrated for the way that Glasgow benefited.

The closest finalist to me was Bristol, they didn't get it which is a shame.

Liverpool won and power to all you scousers, I am sure that European culture will be better for it.


the thing i dont get is 2008 thats bloody shaggin ages away


Five years.  They will have no excuse for not being cultured by then, will they.
.... and put the wheels back on the motors.

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