Liverpool FCs new stadium


Get a load of this la!

Bomb shelter-cum-Tate? :p

Going to auction off the naming rights too...the McDippers Arena?

Lol can just imagine the cnuts burning themselves on the metal on a hot day :twisted:

What a load of shyte!
frog_face said:
Looks like an airport to me. Is it being built on the same spot as Anfield?
It'll be a few yards away in Stanley Park. Where the current Anfield stadium presently sits will be rebuilt for 'community use' as per Liverpool FC's commitment to the local council when they were given various grants from EU and North West Development money.
hong_kong_fuey said:
I think it looks great. Feeling envy, are we?
Very tacky more like, you can tell it was designed by a Yank.

Give me OT anyday, at least it looks like a proper football stadium and not Fatty Arbuckle's diner with Stansted airport bolted on.
lemonsuckas said: least we wont have to call it after a swimming pool the amount of divers are in that team of yours if your avatar is right
You mean like Gerrard diving for that penalty in Istanbul 2005?

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