Liverpool drugs gang with SA80?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Odo_de_StAmand, Nov 23, 2011.

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  1. Yeah I saw that last night....granny with an SA80 in the car...certainly not usual fare for drugs gangs.
  2. Saw it on the news last night. Loads of ammunition as well although it didn't look right but then only saw the base caps.

    Being chavs they probably thought it would fire anything.

    Edit to add.... At least with the serial number off the weapon they can do a little digging about it's past... Hopefully somewhere there will be some sphincters twitching...
  3. Pretty optimistic, these Scallies.
  4. the ammo in the rags pics is rimmed pistol ammo not mil 5.56mm, cant see the cal on box, but it looks like 38sp or .375mag. wheres the handgun?
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  5. "An Army SA80 rifle which was stolen from Salisbury Plain in 2005"

    Did an RE bloke not lose his while he was asleep a few years ago?

    Maybe its this very rifle?
  6. And this all happened in Liverpool they say, who would have thought it?
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  7. X59

    X59 LE

    Reassuring to know criminals are only getting hold of SA80, and not effective military weapons.
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  8. X59

    X59 LE

    How can somebody 'lose' anything when they're asleep?

    More likely 'robbed' when asleep.

    Still no excuse tho.
  9. They'd have got away with it if they'd have had a proper, man's weapon...

    Anyway, it was probably perspective but both the magazines & magazine housing in the pictures of the confiscated rifle lookd wrong.
  10. This is why when I'm working at my Second Job being a Heroic Territorial Army Soldier at Weekends and I'm in the field asleep, I tied my Rifle Sling around my neck so if anyone tries to steal it I'll know and I can tell my Corporal who will stop them.
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  11. It should have been in his doss bag with him!
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  12. Scousers. Enough said. Probably used it whilst adorned in camouflage shellsuits.
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  13. MoD has 'lost' 165 pistols, rifles and machine guns... and 27,000 rounds of ammunition | Mail Online

    More than 165 pistols, rifles and machine guns have been lost by or stolen from the Armed Forces in the past three years.
    Figures obtained using the Freedom of Information Act also show that more than 27,000 bullets have gone missing during the same period.
    It means an average of 56 guns were stolen or lost in each of the past three years - whereas around 20 weapons were stolen or lost every year during the previous decade.
    Last night the Conservatives and anti-gun groups criticised the Ministry of Defence (MoD) for losing track of weapons.

    Shadow Secretary of State for Defence, Dr Liam Fox, said: 'The MoD needs to tighten up security.
    'These lost or stolen guns must not end up in criminal hands.'
    The lost haul includes a number of high-velocity SA80 automatic assault rifles that can fire off 30 rounds in five seconds and are lethal from up to a kilometre away.
    It also includes Browning 9mm pistols. Both weapons are standard issue weapon of the British Armed Forces.

    Read more: MoD has 'lost' 165 pistols, rifles and machine guns... and 27,000 rounds of ammunition | Mail Online