Liverpool-City of Culture 2008!!!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Apr 11, 2008.

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  1. Oh how very droll.

    This happened in 2001. It is now 2008. It has feck all to do with the City of Culture celebrations, and as SG lives in Southport, feck all to do with Liverpool either.

    You have a point?

  2. Apart from him playing for Liverpool Football Club perhaps :roll:
  3. There is at least one other football club in the city that would argue that LFC does not define the city! This coming from an LFC Fan!

    Having said that I would counter that they are a small club that will soon be leaving the city and therefore do not have any valid input. :D
  4. And to think I said nice things about your bunch once!!
  5. There is only one team in Liverpool and thats Everton, Liverpool is for all the "woolybacks" in Runcorn, Widnes St helens etc and in case you're wondering I am from Everton I only work in this sh!thole Scotland :D
  6. is this the chap you mean

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  7. I have bloos in my Family JD, Its all Banter (for those of my age). For the young rats - on both sides - it all gets a bit dribbly in my opinion
  8. I went to school in Everton valley and can't wait for you to fek off to tesco's the place might brighten up a bit then :lol:

  9. But who you gonna sell your copies of the " Big Issue " to then eh, la :D
  10. Pinbadge Pete can't have a home surely?

    Edited to Add - We would sell them to all the Jester Hat wearing Norwegian Whoppers. Of which we admittedly have a few.......

  11. Hey I've moved up in the world now I deliver the merseymart and a part time cash in hand as a doorman for Notre Dame :D
  12. Then I'd be scared. Maybe if he is that worried he should move in to Big Duncs pad for some protection. Just look what happened to the scrotes that broke in to his pad.
  13. If it was Purple Aki he'd be shooting his muck up his hoop, the purple paedo !!
  14. I must admit to laughing at the "You're just a Fat Purple Aki" chants directed at the Yak on Derby Day.

    Purple Aki is a puddy tat. :D