Liverpool Care Pathway

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by exbleep, Nov 7, 2012.

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  1. There is a letter in the Daily Telegraph today which goes into much management speak about "partnerships", "dignity" and so on. The letter itself is not of much consequence but the signatories on it appear to be the entire NHS staff of a large hospital (although there is a smattering of teachers, practice managers etc).

    Pathway is intended to care for dying patients, not to hasten their death - Telegraph

    It's not so much the letter but, scroll down the list of signatories (if you don't die of boredom beforehand) and about halfway down we have:
    Dr H Shipman

    Is this a bit like signing Mickey Mouse on those petitions or is there really a Dr H Shipman involved in bumping off the elderly?
  2. Excellent spot. Cheered me right up that did.

    While we are on the subject can I nominate Harvey12 and Nadine Dorries (when she gets back from her jaunt eating kangaroo dicks) as prime candidates for a trip along the pathway?
  3. So in our old age we will have the unappetising alternatives of being interred in a privatised nursing facility staffed by khat-fried illegal Somalis on half the minimum wage, or of being starved and parched to death in hospital by a bunch of grinning nurses who pass their time telling us how much they care about our welfare.
  4. You'll know you are f*cked when they transfer you to the Shipman Ward .....
  5. I think I'd take my chances with the Somali's - I've seen what it's like on a modern NHS geriatric stroke ward, mince three times a day, no TV or radio and the call button always placed out of reach when the bed is freshened up.
  6. Its the Liverpool bit that scares me, "calm down, calm down" incessantly untill you pop your clogs and they can steal your wallet.
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  7. Be careful with whatever it is you're taking, it probably leads to an increased risk of pychosis and is almost definitely illegal.
  8. I believe in euthanasia, but at your own request when there's no dignity left.

    "Gimmee a Long Slow Brompton on the Rocks, with a cherry and a paper umbrella in it....."

    Not dying in agony with water withheld, in a slummy ward.
  9. It will be ramp selections out of the ambulance next..." How old are you , mother ? "
    "Please sir , I can work , and I'll give up the bus pass , I will sir !"
  10. So ferry across the Mersey......
  11. Don't let scouse cnuts look after yor Mam, simples.