Liverpool beat Chelsea


going to stick my neck out here and get my gloating in early.

although rafa been defeated by the arrogant portugeezer in all 5 league meetings since coming to the premiership (just won in the champs league from time to time ;) ) i am going to leave myself open to possible ridicule and confidently predict that game number 6 will be different.

tomorrow, liverpool will defeat chelsea, closing the gap on 2nd (and that £50m prize). unfortunately this will help manure one step closer to securing the premiership, but you can't make an omelette without breaking wind.

team will be reina, riise, agger, carragher, finnan; gonzales, alonso, gerrard, pennant; bellamy, kuyt. bench will be dudek, hyppia, zenden, fowler and crouch.

dirk kuyt will be his recent potent self; stevie gerrard will be leading from the front and get a yellow card; left wing will be a problem for us; bellamy will cause chelsea problems; chelsea might get one goal through drogba (our nemesis), but we will score at least two. probably bellamy and gerrard. kuyt will create at least one of them.

aaaaanyway just wanted to get the first bragging in early. sticking my neck out, head above parapet etc. and if liverpool lose... i will stand and take the inevitable ripping and deserved insults like a man :D

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