liverpool airport charges

This is like Turkeys voting for christmas, not many people is going to want to pay £2,400 up front for the pleasure of picking passengers up at airports, especially when the same airport usually advertises good transport links including taxis, at the same time i don't want to fumbling around for £2 for the previlege of boarding a Plane FFS ! what if you don't have the change ?caught short , happens to the best of us at times.
Ahh, another reason not to step foot in the land of the thieving scouse barsteward :wink:


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Well it is PEEL Holdings we are talking about here...(they own the airport and decided to bring in the charges, a bit like the idea to charge hackney cabs thousands a year to use the airport taxi rank.)


Most transport companies, trains coaches etc charge a big fee to cab companies for the privelige of restricting trade. It has gone on for years and if you dont pay then you dont pick up from the licensed rank. If everyone said sodd off then it would fail but in a free market people will kill for a few extra bob. I am surprised that it isnt in already as it must be the only airport that doesnt.
Strictly speaking at Gatwick you cant arrange for any other cab to collect you, drop off yes but not collect. All my mates in the shoot are cabbies and they take down their plates and park up around the Macdonalds waiting for the flight.
What will happen is that the airport introduces a bylaw stating that for security or some other made up excuse only licensed cabs carrying certain certs can pick up. An easy route to the money is to sell these certs of approval via an admin fee.
Edited to add that although Speke is a sh1thole and not the worst in murkeyside I wouldnt want to walk home from there!

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