Livens Large Gallery Flame Projector


Time Team Special tonight at 9pm on Channel 4.

As if there weren’t enough horrors associated with the First World War already, tonight’s special episode unearths a new one, a secret and horrifying British weapon deployed on the first day of the Battle of the Somme in July 1916. Called the Livens Large Gallery Flame Projector, it fired a jet of flaming diesel oil 100 metres long over the German trenches. Not a single piece of the weapon was thought to be in existence until remnants were discovered at an archaeological dig on the frontline of the Somme. Tonight, Tony Robison joins the dig and watches as Royal Engineers produce a replica Projector and fire it up for one last, terrifying blast.

Flyingmonkey, who leads our WW1 tours, was involved in this project.

Historians Peter Barton and Jeremy Banning with archaeologists Tony Pollard and Iain Banks from the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology at Glasgow University were successful in May 2010 in finding at Mametz the remains of one of the Livens Large Gallery Flame Projectors. This project was undertaken for a Channel 4 television documentary to be broadcast in Spring 2011.[3]


That's the one.
FM told us Time Team cut this programme to an hour but I believe there will be a longer one in November on The History Channel.
I believe there were actually five Livens Gallery projectors but the Germans cought on and shelled the hell out of them destroying at least a couple before they could be used, this is a photo of the slightly small version called " Vincent


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I look forward to this program, I've never heard of this weapon before.


William Livens was a bit of a nutter, his Livens Gas Projector was another weapon from hell, that fired a fire extinguisher sized gas shell
I visited the dig last year. Isn't Peter a nice bloke? more like a historian than an archaeologist!
Already on record on the SKY box. Looking forward to it.
Livens got £5k from the Royal Commission on wartime inventions - which Wikipedia defines as being in 1918 terms equivalent in spending power to approximately a quarter million in modern currency.

In fact it isn't quite as clear as would have been equivalent to:

£181,000.00 using the retail price index
£245,000.00 using the GDP deflator
£891,000.00 using the average earnings
£1,030,000.00 using the per capita GDP
£1,370,000.00 using the share of GDP

Anyway a nice little earner...


Cuddles must be bored at work today!
Saw the clip of The Beast being used...

Wow! You're the geekiest!!!! ( rolls eyes...)


War Hero
"It may fairly be claimed that when hostilities ceased on November 11th 1918, we had outplayed Germany at all points of the game." Gen Lord HORNE GCB preface to "Sniping in France" Maj. Hesketh-Pritchard DSO MC

I understand that by 1918 the Gas Brigade could create a cloud capable of defeating all German respirators. One of their customers being Adolf Hitler. Maybe I should read FFOULKES?
Hope the programe wasn't the usual anti-war hippie bollocks.
A heads up, this has just started on Channel 4 !!!!!

Fleck ME that's a bloody beast of a thing! imagine that bugger lighting up!
Fleck ME that's a bloody beast of a thing! imagine that bugger lighting up!

Big Bird, no wonder this device excites you,,,imagine how many tea-cakes you could toast in a one-er using it?
Top fooking draw !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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