Live8 - Whats your take?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cdn_spr, Jun 27, 2005.

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  1. A worthwhile and noble idea, destined to help millions and truly make a difference in this world

  2. A good(ish) idea, perhaps not too well executed, but bound to help a few people

  3. Undecided-I might buy the album

  4. Pretty crass self-promotion by a bunch of to$$ers

  5. Don't particularly give a sh*t

  1. Vote as you see fit. Journos take note.
  2. clicked dont give a sh it but i wanted a dont give a sh it about africa option.
  3. Charity begins at home. lets sort out our own shit before everyone elses. And Geldof is a moon unit...
  4. I fully agree with HH, lets help our veterans and their wives out first. Then once we've deposed all the corrupt leaders in Africa then lets help em.

    As Grandad once said on Only fools and Horse.

    " They promised us Homes fit for Heroes but all they gave was Heroes fit for Homes"

  5. super irons!!!!!!
  6. So the idea is...
    Lets help the poor of africa by giving free concerts to a bunch of freeloading lazy westerners while at the same time helping a whole load of fading stars who are down to their last 10 million.
    The compassion the gigs is breathtaking long as you are one of the stars picked to perform.
  7. Id rather schitt razor wire!
  8. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Do you know, I live in London, and subsequently have disdain for many of the Africans I observe on a day to day basis, but these people are not representative of simple people in Africa. I take a few baths a day, and I do think about what that clean water means. It means health, and I think that that should be a right for all people, and believe me tho' I am a liberal and a sometimes I have a heart, I can be severe too. 30,000 children die daily, and I will be at Live 8 as I have voluteered to pass out info about 'save the children'. I have three of my own, and by the grace of God they (and me) where born here, water a plenty. I'm sure most people didn't care about children up chimneys, down mines, or dying in mills, but some did and times changed.
  9. Geldof and co. are a bunch of self-indulgent, do-gooding *****.

    How many years have various charities been pouring money and aid into Africa? It's not helping because the cash and scoff are going to the wrong people, and until someone goes in and hands the tinpot dictators and rebel factions their arses on a plate, that's the way it's going to be. So, in brief:

    1. Sort out our own mob first
    2. Go to Africa and kill all the baddies
    3. Provide just enough support and aid to get the place running again
  10. Sounds about right
  11. Dont think Bob and his buddies will make that much of a difference......but I have still accepted their freebie concert tickets!
  12. True, but where does it end? How much money has already been poured in to Africa to help with the problems of famine, drought and civil wars? How much money has ECOWAS pumped in to clearing debts? How much of the debts owed to Nigeria have been wiped clean?

    This is a really horrible statement to make, but if the Africans continue to copulate and produce so many children; can you imagine if they all lived to a ripe old age? Then there would be serious problems. Its a harsh world, but we sometimes forget that all humans are animals. Natural selection.

    Im not being anti-african or racist. Nature has its way of keeping the western, more advanced civilisations in check as well; MRSA (which attributes to only 6% of superbug deaths in the UK), AIDS, cancer. How many people do you know that has died of a form of cancer?

    Lets pool all our money, pay off their debts then start a sensible sterilisation program to ensure they don't get in to debt again, until they can support themselves. Times do change, but it takes time to change. We werent much better off 400 years ago and African countries are statistically at that stage in their evolution. At the end of the day, its trying to give a cave man access to our standards of living. Yes, they'd like it, but how many would understand?
  13. I'm all for helping people out wherever they are in the world (hence various trips to the sandpit, etc.) , however! if putting the indigenous anglo saxon/ celtic population of the UK before all others makes me, in some peoples eyes, a n*zi, then heil f*cking H*tler, guess I'm a n*zi ...........

    off now to get into dress cat 4 and get me cba on.............
  14. There is no need to allow nature to keep civilisations in check... as these societies become more developed their people will automatically start having fewer children... as child mortality falls parents will be certain their children will survive into adulthood and will be able to look after their parents in their old age... all societies go through these stages... more on the stages here

    no need for enforced sterilization programs or anything distasteful like that... just plenty of sex education, access to condoms and make sure there are no religous reasons for not using contraception (thinking of the catholic church here)...

  15. Fair point, what I find more distasteful is the fact that these poor kids are being born in to a society where their parents know there is little chance of them surviving. I wouldnt have a child if I knew there was only a 10% chance of them surviving as there is no food. Having children to support you in old age is, in my own civilised view, cruel. Especially when you know they are going to suffer just the same as you did, if not more.