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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by shagnasty, May 6, 2012.

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  1. A gobment voice has said that it is you...the average bloke that is responsible for the horrendous debts of this nation that "taxes" the minds of the gobment. You my friend borrowed and mortgaged beyond your means. How say you? Are you responsible? Did you borrow beyond your means? Are you living on credit cards? If so why is this so? Can't you just rein in your spending?
  2. Err how much money have they spunked up to foreign countries?
    They have of course been prudent with expenses. *****.
  3. Here was me thinking it was businesses run by the friends of politicians who'd been living institutionally beyond their means that were the root of the problem. Here, it was me and the £12,000 left on my mortgage all along.

    D'you think they can ever forgive me?
  4. Are you on drugs?
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  5. I bet you even paid interest that they kept.
  6. Fair Cop,Guv.

    It was me,I admit to it all.

    Please make sure I get at least 5 years without remission,so that I can take advantage of 3 squares a day,nice warm cell,Sky TV,Instant medical treatment,free gym membership,nice library,OU degree courses,free broadband internet access.

    Mr A OAP :bow:
  7. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    There's an old saying - robbing Peter to pay Paul will always get Paul's vote. That's exactly what politicians have been doing for years - it's just the G Brown did it to manic levels, in order to cement the client votes.

    It worked - there are tens of millions of them, and we're paying for the privilege.
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  8. Surely the banks have to bear responsibility for lending zillions to people whose sole assets were a pair of worn underpants?

    They had to lend to someone - WTF?
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  9. It's the bastard that put uni fees up that's going to throw me and the teenage rug rats into debt.Tesco value aisle here I come for the next 2 years.At least I do it knowing they have sent money to countries that don't want our dosh,and that all the polkiticians will be taking all the fiddles they can,while we slave until we fall over.
  10. This the same banks that gave credit cards and loans to people with no jobs?
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  11. To quote a different, and former government voice "My response would be both spherical and plural."

    The trillion quid debt Gordon left behind was almost all down to profligate waste. Billions spunked on global warming in his last few weeks in power alone. Free BMWs for Biffs. Unlimited housing benefit so asylum seekers could live in mansions in Westminster. A million extra civil servants to massage the unemployment figures.

    That lot doesn't come cheap.
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  12. I have no creit cards, or debt. The only means I pay are cash, debit card, or cheque.
  13. No it won't. Your student loan costs you nothing until you earn over £23,000 (I think) and gets cancelled after 30 (again, from memory) years if you've not repaid it. The banks don't treat it as normal debt either, so I'm told.

  14. There's an element of truth in that report. Just look at how many homes have been repossessed over the past few years. People went mental to 'get on the property ladder'. 100% mortgages? Stupid *********. And the same type of people are whining today that they can't get a mortgage? Does no-one ever learn in this country?