Live vasectomy on Good Morning

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Biscuits_AB, Sep 28, 2005.

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  1. Some lunatic is getting the snip on live TV. Ahhhhhhhhh........eeeeeeeeee....owwwwwwww.

    Facking madman!
  2. The surgeon has just said that he watches the patients toes to see if there is any indication of pain or discomfort....apparantly they curl up!. If it were me, he'd be safer watching my fists!
  3. In the papers a couple of years back there was a "public interest story" about a GP who had discussed having the snip with his wife so went to work and did it himself at the end of the day!! Of course the practice nurse assisted him - still brave though if you ask me (and I'm a girl)
  4. Why are you watching good morning?
  5. Skiving.
  6. ouch, thats wrong!!!!!
  7. It doesn't look like fun.
  8. Do you think it will make a"vas deferens" to his life? :lol:
  9. My dad was based in the Antarctic as the biologist/doctor back in '73 for 13 months.

    During one of the more long and boring periods he got one of the other blokes there to hold the mirror while he gave himself his own vascectomy. Bit of a hard barst*rd my dad. Also allergic to certain drugs so has had a lifes worth of dental work done with no anasthetic.
  10. mad, why would you want to do that to yourself....

    and as for the guy doing it on tv eugh
  11. Well in my dads case he wanted to have a vasectomy and at that point had time on his hands. I think that he was probably not at all distracted by pain or discomfort but entirely engrosed in the actual operation.

    A good question about the appropriateness of showing it on breakfast TV.
  12. Nice one :lol:
  13. Cant believe that!! Whats the world coming to - why televise it!! At least we know the topic of conversation in most homes around the country tonight!! Especially for those poor guys who their wives feel have too many kids already!!! Best of Luck!!!

    Hey Biccies - did you get off watching it!! LOL
  14. Oh, I've been sitting here crossing and uncrossing my legs for the last couple of minutes and sweating like a rapist.

    When I answered the 'phone a couple of minutes ago I swear my voice was a couple of octaves higher than normal.

    It certainly won't be the topic of discussion in my house tonight. :cry:
  15. Ha can your imagine it though. The wives that have been sitting at home watching this today!! The husbands driving home in a couple of hours not knowing that they have got an audition lined up for "This Morning"