Live near LINCOLN ? Casting call - extras wanted for filming in May 2012


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here y'go:


This is Alex at Casting Collective. You are on our 2012 casting book and I wanted to ask if you can help.

I am working on a major television period drama and and hope that you can help me spread the word about a particular scene I have coming up.

This sequence will be filming in mid May. Exact dates are TBC. Those selected are likely to be needed for one or two filming days.


CAUCASIAN MEN AND WOMEN aged 16 and over.



Women must have natural, shoulder length or longer, undyed hair.

Men must be prepared to have a hair cut if required and have undyed hair.

EVERYONE must have their own transport and be able to travel to Lincoln.

If you have any friends or family in the Lincoln area who are suitable and would be interested, please ask them to apply online here:

Casting Collective - Urgent Casting Calls - Casting Collective

You might need to cut and past this link into your internet browser or just go to our website if the link does not work.

If you have somewhere you can stay in Lincoln and would like to be considered, please reply to this email with your full name and the words: "LINCOLN OK". If you are suitable, I will be in touch in a few weeks' time in order to check your availability for the filming date(s). You would be responsible for your own travel and accommodation in Lincoln.

If you don't fit the bill and don't know anyone in Lincolnshire just delete this email and we'll be in touch soon about work in the South East.

Many thanks in advance for your help,

Edit: Casting Collective have been around a long time. What you see is what you get . They did the background people for , amongst others, Robin Hood, Green Zone and recently Warhorse.

Set in 1920s. Tattoos not an issue unless face/ is a plus but short/shaved may be hired....still looking for bodies....more the merrier - what's to lose?

Me and my wife were extras in Our Friends in the North, it was great fun, we really enjoyed it.....

We were in the town hall election episode, set about 20 years earlier, we had a few months warning so I let my hair grow and was rewarded with a CAF 1970s blue 3 piece Moss Bros suit, and got in the scene where Gina McKie walks past me and a plod.

At the dinner break a few of us went AWOL for a few scoops in a boozer round the corner, dressed up like refugees from Saturday Night Fever.... mind you it was Jarra, so I don't think we looked out of place.
depends where said yellow bellies are from in this ******* massive county of ours, i am from the swampy bit and think the hill people (them wrong uns from lincoln) live in a pikey infested slum shit hole of a city the place is a dump :)

Hark, the monster from black lagoon speaks.
I'm not a native, and don't live in the city (just nearby in a rural bit), but atleast they don't wear wooden over coats, have 6 fingers or get breast fed my their sisters.
depends where said yellow bellies are from in this ******* massive county of ours, i am from the swampy bit and think the hill people (them wrong uns from lincoln) live in a pikey infested slum shit hole of a city the place is a dump :)
Well, parts of it are, like any British city these days - the 'asylum-seeker' hellhole near Monks Road, for instance. But ohhhhhh, that cathedral! And the castle ain't half bad, either. All in all, there are worse places to live in in England.


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"what's to lose?"

You've not been to Lincoln have you?

yes, I was there in September last year - the SSAFA Ride of Britain leg from Harrogate finished up in Lincoln.

We were booked into the Holiday Inn by the river which was fine - and the staff were a lot friendlier than some of the other shebeens we stayed at....

Good luck to those who sign up for this - be interested to hear how it goes.
If ever you find yourself there again, try Browns Pie Shop on Steep Hill, near the cathedral. Don't be put off by the humble name: it serves some of the best food in the county, at reasonable prices.
Glad to hear so many positive comments about Lincoln! Am moving to Lincs next year when i stop staggin mainly because it is still like England and nothing like the karzi s. e. England is, also loads and loads of farmland so i can spend as much time as possible shooting . Game pie anyone ?
I applied. Heard nothing back. Ive even got credentials, i was with them in The Four Feathers in 2000! Surely they couldnt have forgotten me!? I was awesome!

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