Live Music...your gigs

What gigs have you got lined-up later this year?...

Me = Motörhead, The Darkness, Björn Again (!) do go to see live music, dont you?....... don't?!

I went to see Robbie Williams last Friday at Knebworth, does that count?!

Took a while getting down there from oop north, but never ran into all the supposed traffic on the way fact, we thought we had taken a wrong turn the roads were so dead!

Up next, Stereophonics hopefully, and I've heard Fun Lovin Criminals are up here in September...
(and in reply to the first post here, The Darkness were on with Robbie Williams at Knebworth, heard a bit of them on the way down- of course we weren't there on time!- and the reviews i heard were all pretty good too)


So far this year

Charlatans, REM, Badly washed Boy, Moby and Goldfrapp.

The Moby gig was easily the best. The girl who provides additional vocals (she used to be in Urban Cookie Collective) has the most amazing voice i've ever heard.


I'm off to the V festival at Weston park, 15th August, on the friday thro' monday morning, anybody else going.. maybe arrange a session (drinking) that is.
David Gray at Earls Court last December. Fckin' fantastic!
Kings of Leon at this years Glastonbury, I only wish i could get a way with wearing a beard!
oh yeah and Radiohead were the b*ll*cks as well!
got the Beatles festival coming up on the bank holiday weekend......loadsa tribute bands to all kinds of acts on round the city centre and a day on the pop! Bonus!
Ozzy, Motorhead, might give The Muse a try......and then there's the Aussie Pink Floyd autumn/winter tour......if you're a Floyd lover, go see 'em, you won't be disappointed. :wink:
I've never been to a music concert. Save for MITA this year.
Eagle said: do go to see live music, dont you?....... don't?!

Guess I'm a weirdo then. Wah! :(

Problem is, Mr Pad and I have different musical tastes. So I can't expect him to surprise me with tickets to whichever concert I might like. Plus, I'm not really inspired by camping out and rolling around in mud. Ok, well - unless I join the TA. But that's different. ;)


Theres plenty of gigs that dont involve rolling around in the mud lol......go for it, its virtually painless! :lol:
I'v been to quite a few concerts in my time, and one of the best, and only for the atmosphere, was a runrig concert in Bielefeld. The place was packed with every jock in germany and its was a great night.

I am a meatloaf fan, and went to see him live in Cardiff last year. Again, another great night. And the venue was only charging £1.80 a pint, which made the night even better!!


Padwife -
Plus, I'm not really inspired by camping out and rolling around in mud. Ok,
Neither am I, got myself a cheap motorhome and I use that for whenever I go to events, such as music, motorbikes (on/offroad), visiting friends who have no spare beds etc, its also very useful on the odd drinking session to avoid paying for taxis home etc, I just crash out in the van :D

8esar - Runrig, excellent live band, definately know how to get the crowd going (especially if you are a jock), but are probably more popular in Denmark and Germany than over here :?:

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