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Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by emptyeye, Dec 20, 2006.

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  1. Can anyone clear up a 'over a beer' argument

    Some TAC's have a caretaker who lives in an old quarter/rooms behind the wire on site.

    Is the quarter a 'freebie'? if so, who pays?, who do they (caretakers) work for? given that TA units come and go, do they pay council tax etc?

    Do they get cut price fuel and light, cheap water etc etc?

    If so, sounds like a cushy number to me, compared to us who live in the real 'pay for everything' world.
  2. Money's sh1te I think, and most of them are a bit errm "special" I think they are employed bu RFCA. not sure about the billing side of things
  3. Thanks for that, it makes sense that RFCA would employ them as crown servants, just wondered if they actually pay for that quarter etc?
  4. I think they live there very cheaply but as the pay is probably sh1te its not a game I would like to get into. Check up civil service industrial pay and you will see what I mean.

    As to it bing a freebie, I don't think the MOD does freebies anymore. No such thing as a free lunch, etc.
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    From my experience as a PSI they tend to pay rent and bills but have a strange wire protruding that plugs into an electric socket in the TAC, no idea what this does but I am sure it has a bearing on utility bills :? . Strange that they hang round the kitchen and mess when food is being served also :roll: .

    Budgie eat shit
  6. However one of the PSI's at our place did mention that the post could be done away with if they could get single PSI's living in the flat it would save on the caretaker wage/pension and cut the cost of renting a flat for a singlie to live in
  7. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    brettarider thats crap, name me a SNCO who will go round after a working day and clean up, also after functions etc, no chance :roll:
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  8. Not so much to clean up etc there are cleaners you know and place should be tidy after a days work anyway care taker at our place dont do that much belive me!
  9. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    I know what you mean but I would refuse to go round and empty bins. I was asked once to man the gate for a visit on a drill night and told the PSAO straight, no chance.

    Aside from that as a PSI I did participate in every activity I could and made many freinds for life. :D
  10. Caretakers pay rent, utulity bills and council tax. Some are also Cadet officer/instructors and some of their wives are also employed as TAC cleaners. As the wages are not exactly state of the art, they all seem to take on these other jobs to increase take home pay as not all have a army pension.
  11. We had one who was also BSM...good bloke on balance though could be funny about noise from juniors or seniors even functions. Officers dos though he had to put up with...tee hee!
  12. Used to know an ACF SMI who was also a civvy storeman in a TAC.

    Result: Best equipped Cadet detachment in the sector. Every lad had webbing. doss bag, poncho, bungees, messtins amd KSF. Most had waterproofs too.

    (shouldnt every cadet be issued to this scale? Not exactly lavish and extravagant is it?)
  13. You're not suggesting the MOD spends small amounts of money are you?

    Every Civil Servant knows that for every pencil that is used down to the nub or every TV that takes 8 years to be replaced we can buy a Chally 2 to break down for spares and never ever deploy.
  14. Ahh....Alle ist klar. But what grips my shit is seeing millions of pounds worth of kit being sold off to private companies, who then sell it back to the cadets after applying a big fcuk off mark-up.

    But I've already paid for that kit THROUGH MY TAXES! So has everybody else!
  15. english springer is spot on with his comments about the caretakers wage ,etc.

    some i know are also members of the TA unit where they work but for some reason they are not allowed to work for the unit during they week doing things like driver training or some other such trade that they are qualified in. even though the hours of work for the caretaking side is from 5pm till 9am.

    on the cadet kit comment, i delivered the new manuals to an ACF battalion last september and spotted MFO boxes full of waterproofs, webbing and stuff asked the care taker about it and he said the cadets Q bloke wont issue it to the detachments as when the cadets leave he has to go chase it up.