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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by techitch, Jan 19, 2007.

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  1. Has anyone been. What do u do? whats it like?
  2. What?
  3. whats the question ???
  4. It's brilliant mate.

    Have you got a front row seat or not?

    Don't take your flippers though, they are provided by the organisers.

    And FFS make sure that the lid is on correctly.
  5. Has anyone been to to this course. I think its called live in life and u do it with the army b4 selection to see if its 4 u?
  6. aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh..."Look At Life" methinks?

    Yes - very worthwhile sunshine. Get on it.
  7. ........but lose the text speak if you expect further responses matey.
  8. Shit yea thats the one. Soz. Whats it all about then an how does it help ya?
  9. It lets you see us in a realtime environment.

    You sleep in army accommodation, get advice and assistance from real soldiers, you sleep out in the woods and eat army rations, do command tasks etc etc.

    Fun-packed week mate suggest ya get on it :blank:
  10. its class specially when you go on an excersize in the woods, well apart from us having plastic guns and half of them daint work so we all had to shout BANG BANG was hillarious lol, just looking forward to basic now, lol sure my view on basic will change after few hours lol, i really enjoyed my look at life course, hope you do too