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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Letterwritingman, Feb 18, 2005.

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  1. So Sky claims 'Live' access to the court martial decision tomorrow.

    China 1970'6 ring a bell amongst the oldie's.
  2. What a fckiung mockery. They'll be showing previews next. What muppet allowed for this?
  3. In terms of edification for the great unwashed and further degradation to the Army, Rupert Murdoch finds another way to put his Republican boot in.
  4. Who in the MOD signed off on this. They should be taken out and shot, there cannot be a more degrading representation of justice than to see this on the box.

    I cannot remember any murderers sentences being broadcast live in the UK so why all of a sudden have the government even considered this let alone the MOD. Or does it come down to the MOD being so short of funds they sell CMs to the highest bidder.

    Rant, Rant, Rant
  5. Well thats my sky dish off the wall ....
  6. I can't fcuking believe this.

    Yah yeah I know, MOD using profanity on CA , but Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle , can you not see where this is heading?

    Someone needs to be swinging in the breeze over this. What in God's name, is the justification for televising this?

    Oh sorry, I forgot, it's Sky News and the Dirty B*stard digger isn't it?

    So let's see , Sky , The Sun etc etc etc.

    We're getting fcuking stitched.

    I move that the campaign we get involved in , after Voting, should be a Forces boycott of Media outlets that denigrate our people.

    This whole exercise, is designed to tar the British Armed Forces.
  7. The accused should refuse to attend. Cameras have not been allowed access to civilian courts so why should there be any degredation of military personnel.
  8. Hear hear Biscuits.

    I think if the Defence entered a swift plea of "Infringment of Human Rights" it would fly.

    I would very much hate to think that MODPR(A) actually suggested or condone this.

    I know you DPM media bunnies are knocking around, what say you?
  9. Question: Has this shown up in any of the newspapers or has this been braodcast on Sky itself :?:

    If not in the press then shouldn't someone, I will, inform them as to the events. In further consideration there is a potential for human rights appeals :!:
  10. We'll probably find that the only access they will get will be hanging around outside the court martial center door.

    I find it hard to believe that they'll be let in. If they are, then I'd love to know what arrsehole sanctioned it.
  11. Have phone the TDG to see if any of their reports knows anything, blanked as expected but will email them anything I can find out. I have looked at the sky website and found nothing refering to the "Decision" anywhere.

    I have Sky here at my sisters so will keep an eye on the news (if I can stand it)

    :evil: :evil: :evil:

  12. Agreed. There is no way that Sky News are suddenly going to be allowed with cameras inside a court, when news agencies have been pushing for the privilege for over 50 years.

    Still b@stards for waiting in the foyer to pick over the bones though. Half a dozen iraqis treated no worse than British teenage apprentices of thirty years ago and the media treat the proceedings like the Spanish Inquisition.