Live chat with Gorgeous George Gallowaty next monday

Right guys, here is your chance to put across all those questions you wanted to ask him. Dont waste it.

This is London readers have yet another chance to quiz a high-profile political figure when George Galloway takes part in a live chat next week.

He will be answering your questions live on This is London at 1pm on April 25.

The former Labour MP is currently fighting possibly the highest-profile election battle in the country as he tries to win the seat of Bethnal Green and Bow from Oona King.

As a fierce opponent of the Iraq war he has become one of the most famous, and controversial, of Tony Blairs critics and is now hoping to take his new Respect party into parliament.

If you do not yet have access to our live chat rooms, registration is easy and takes no more than a few minutes.

Just Click here!! and follow the simple instructions to register.

The chat room will open 15 minutes prior to the chat commencing.

If you are unable to attend the chat, then you can email questions in advance to and type Live Chat in the subject field. We'll do our best to make sure that your emails get put forward to our chat guest.

A transcript of the chat will be made available on the site shortly afterwards.
PS i would nominate someone like flasheart, stoatman or hackle to be the arrse rep. Im sure they could give him a good going over in terms of his skewed neo-communist outlook.


War Hero
Be careful what you say, if he doesnt like it, he will take you to court!

In the noble tradition of the anti establishment hypocrite

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