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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by SwissBob, Mar 3, 2010.

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  1. Live chat PMQs with the Daily Politics: PMQs chat. You can watch PMQs on the internet if you don't have access to a TV.
  2. But not today as Gordon is hiding at the Jacob Zuma reception
  3. Much though I'm interested in politics I can't bring myself to watch PMQs as its a disheartening and disgusting spectacle. It's meant to be parliament holding the executive to account, instead what we get are planted sycophantic questions, a braying mob and stupid jokes which are perceived as a victory for either the PM or the opposition. All this when we're in the midst of global economic crisis, fighting a war etc etc. PMQs are a national disgrace, actually I did just catch a part of it a minute ago and had to laugh when Harriet Harman with a straight face said that 'integrity is very important to parliament.' I'm not one of those who condemns all politicians or thinks they are all in it for themselves but at the moment they all appear to be (in the immortal word of Terry Thomas) ' a complete shower'.
  4. Yes.... Missy Hapless Harperson really looked like she was out of her depth today. Young Willie Hague really trounced her in, my opnion. Hapless was looking more and more like she wished that McBalloon hadn't b*ggered off to meet Mr Zuma.... and leave her in the lurch..

    It's interesting that on the BBC 2 'Daily Politics Show, Andrew Neil kept asking Missy Tessa Jowells about the number of times that Teflon B'Liar had missed PMQs in his time as Prime Muppet... and Gordo McBalloons percentage times missed. In two and a half years as Prime Mentalist, Old Grumpy Gordon has missed more PMQs than Teflon did in 10 years.....

    Maybe Cyclops keeps forgetting to take his Meds in the morning (alleged of course)... :p
  5. Could'nt agree more UV
  6. Yes El gordo has missed 2 out of last three.
    Arriet didn't do too well when she had to debate with Huage the other month.
  7. Apparently our Dear Leader deliberately chose to be absent yesterday so the Labour Party could put William Hague and the Conservatives under pressure. There was no reason for the PM to be there to meet a Head of State - that is the Queen's job.

    As a cunning ploy, it was right up there with Field Marshal Haig's gargantium plan to move his drinks 6 inches closer to Berlin.

    Hapless Harman was dreadful even by her own low standards. She tried to turn every question back to the issue of Lord Ashton even when it was clearly backfiring on her. She was so bad even the Speaker felt the need to repeatedly criticise her and her planted questioners for not addressing government policy.

    Any hope she has of being Labour leader probably evaporated yesterday - almost as fast as Vince Cable's reputation and credibility as a wise old sage in fact.
  8. I, like you, am sick to death with 'my Dad is bigger than your Dad politics'. It is about time that those MPs that have been elected to represent us do so. I for one do not want to see braying idiots going through the motions with slimey smiles on their faces, on a day when more brave soldiers are being repatriated.

    As for the absence of Gordon Brown at PMQ - he doesn't lead nor is he a team member. As far as I am concerned he is marginalised and ignored - we move on.