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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by viceroy, Mar 7, 2011.

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  1. "The application failed to run". I run Firefox on XP SP3
  2. Ditto.
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  3. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Is this something that has only just started happening? Were you using chat OK before? If so has anything changed on your system, for example a java update?
  4. No, have not used it in ages. I think it worked on my mac with Safari, at least it indicated on the start page who was online. I have tried again just now, the Java logo with the watch thingy moving clockwise works, then the screen remains black... My Java appears to be up to date.
  5. Very strange. I seem unable to get into chat, Java symbol works then shows the chat page which appears blank. Used chat last week no problem. Not had any Java updates since then.
  6. I hadn't realised we had a chat function. Could be fun.
  7. Ive not been able to get into chat for a long time, I often see regulars in there, and it just dies on me. Not a dodgy connection thing, prog not working at all, similar to the pc shutting down a virus like prog, it will not allow it to run.
  8. While I remember, is there a way to permanently unsubscribe from all posts? I can casually reply to 4 subjects, and then think doh, I havent unsubscribed, the next day I have 200 emails to delete.
  9. my chat doesn't work on chrome which I normally use but when I want to go on I use internet explorer. all Java updates up to date as far as I know!
  10. Boozy I have same problem, cant access chat through Chrome have to go into Explorer
  11. I'm the opposite - on I.E. and chat doesn't work for me...bizarre. Never mind I shall bore my friends on msn with my exploits of past weekend instead. :)
  12. Maybe you'll get the message.
  13. I've not been able to get it working since this version was put on site - I can log in, then the screen goes blank, assume its a java issue that I've been too lazy to try and sort out. But checked for java updates and still can't get in this evening. But I could on my netbook running chrome a couple of months back (I'm on firefox on the lappy).
  14. Good CO

    Good CO LE Admin

    Okey Dokey - working and not hard to get working if yours doesn't:

    Recommendation 1: Use Internet Explorer 7/8

    Recommendation 2: In case of trouble, visit here and check your java: Verify Java Version

    Alles :)

    I know it's crap to have to use a java applet. We tried a Flash one, but it slowed down with more people on. We threw money at the problem and tried another Flash one, but their security was terrible and it got hacked (not ARRSE, the chat server). We threw more money at it and ended up with this which is great but needs Java. Sooner of later we'll get it right!
  15. I was able to get into chat up till last friday......I just thought they had locked the door on me and refused to let me in(cos Im cheeky)..feel better that Im not the only one having bother.....PLEASE fix it so I can go and chat it can be fun in the room.......