"Live by the Sun, die by the Sun"

A good article in the Torygraph today, pointing out that Bliar's obsession with his own personal celebrity status will inevitably backfire. I look forward to the next PMQs when the Tories could perhaps shout "five times a night" across the floor and Bliar is struggling to answer a question. I think he'll end up far more ridiculed than John Major and hopefully this will contribute to his dodgy ticker! :twisted:

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Politicians act no better than contestants on reality TV
(Filed: 16/05/2005)

Those who live by the Sun will die by the Sun. Tony Blair has done more than any other British politician to turn politics in this country into a form of showbusiness. Now, he is suffering the consequences at the hands of a public that increasingly wants to see celebrities knocked off their gilded pedestal.

It was the American chat show host Jay Leno who famously said that politics is "showbusiness for ugly people" and New Labour has, since it came to power, often treated Westminster like a stage set.

Mr Blair invited pop stars to Number 10, holidayed with Cliff Richard and agreed, like all the best Hollywood actors, to play a cameo role in The Simpsons.

There was the mug decorated with a photograph of the Blair children, the shirt cuffs adorned with a picture of a naked woman and the scandal involving a personal stylist - all behaviour more in keeping with the lead singer of Ugly Rumours (had it hit the charts) than the Member of Parliament for Sedgefield.

It was not surprising to read in Piers Morgan's diaries that the Prime Minister had privately met the editor of the Daily Mirror 56 times or that his wife, Cherie, had telephoned the editor of the Sun to tell her she was pregnant. All celebrities have to keep the tabloids on side.

Even when dealing with policy, the Government has turned to the magic circle of famous people - Jamie Oliver was called in to deal with school dinners, Bob Geldof was put in charge of the Commission for Africa and Bono was invited to cheer the activists at last year's Labour conference.

When Hugh Grant played the Prime Minister in Love Actually, it seemed perfectly natural to see a screen idol dancing down the stairs at Number 10.

Things got a bit out of hand during the recent election campaign. When the leader of the world's fourth largest economy was not discussing knickers with Little Ant and Dec, he was displaying his Torso of the Week on the cover of a magazine. On television, the Prime Minister frequently looked like one of Oprah Winfrey's guests, beaten up by women who told the world that they had once loved him but felt betrayed.

The Blairs' joint interview in the Sun, in which they declared that they "did it" five times a night and boasted that "size matters", could have earned them a place on the Celebrity Love Island. But it was only the culmination of a more general trend.

Politics is turning into one big reality television show. Policy discussion has all too often been replaced by a beauty contest between different personalities. While the Conservative Party prepares to vote out its leadership contestants one by one from the Tory Big Brother House, Labour MPs are telling Mr Blair: "Tony, you are the weakest link."
Sadly it is true. However, BLiar is not stupid and has got a third term as he was quick to realise that the majority of this country is stupid. He realised that they can be manipulated by simply appearing as a celeb and winning the personality war.

The death of serious political debate? ....I don't know. Oooh is he wearing a Prada suit?
How can you have a serious political debate if he keeps chucking his majority whip around and reaches for the Parliament Act at the drop of a stirrup cup??

His arrogance and self image were so beautifully dented by Reg Keays, so hubris is obviously coming home to roost.

As an aside, Reg Keays' pride in his son is very touching but I think his boy would be just as proud of his father and the amazing way he has conducted himself...well played Reg.
Hear, hear. It is a joy to see an honest man make BLiar look like the unprincipled despot he really is.

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