Live Aircraft tracking

Discussion in 'Aviation' started by old_bloke, Apr 13, 2010.

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  1. Thats handy :)
  2. Anyone buzzed Tropper with this? He can have his own personal flypast.
  3. Having just checked the site, I'm slightly worried that all the aircraft shown, appear to be in the hover.
  4. I use "" to check the planes flying along Green01
  5. Its not much cop in my area, I can see the area of the Brecon VOR and none of the traffic I can see is shown theres a Continental flight from Bristol to Newark right above me but it aint shown on that tracker
  6. Not much showing today!
  7. Oddly quiet today too.
  8. Not one flight north of the Alps
  9. Dusty in here!
  10. Theres a single Cessna 172 flying over Germany at 2000ft, stand out quit a bit
  11. Could you post the url of the site you are using please.
  12. I just Google " Radar Virtuel " even shows the dust cloud
  13. Ta
  14. Air Berlin have 2 Airbus flying in Germany one from the Gulf and the other a movement into Hamburg, a bit risky I would have thought