Live 8 rant

Bob Im-God should fukc off and do a real job. Im hearing on the news right now how he is calling the sale of Live 8 tickets a

"disgraceful act trying to profit from the poor".

Knob. I wonder how much he will make out of inciting public disorder. If anyone wants to sell their tickets, LET THEM! This is a free country. Imagine if the government put a ban on freedom of speech. I'll give him fukcing morality via my shotgun.

"Momma, fetch me Old Betty, i've got a hippy to hunt down".

In case there are any phuckwits out there, im not really going to try and kill him, but i'm planning a protest march through his massive country estate to make a stand against Lord Getoff.
FunkyNewBlood said:
"disgraceful act trying to profit from the poor".
so he's gonna make a huge deficit in our pocket of hiring all the extra police and encourage kids to skive off school n be hippys smoking pot n getting spaced out?? so he can host his poncy concert and get rid of "poverty" in the third world n create it here??? great idea bob!!!
but not in the real world darling ;)

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