BAck where he belongs, in the Mail. Bit of a Marmite fellow, but I find myself more agreeing than disagreeing.

Anyway, the point is this from todays column

Does anti-gay Sir Iqbal have a get out of jail free card

We've read how author Lynette Burrows was questioned by police for having the audacity on the BBC to wonder whether it was wise to allow homosexual couples to adopt young boys. And how an elderly couple from Fleetwood were banged up for 80 mins because they wanted to place Christian literature alongside gay rights pamphlets. What seems to have slipped under the radar is an attack on homosexuals by Sir Iqbal Sacranie, the self-appointed leader of Britain's Muslims. He said on Radio 4 that same-sex civil partnerships were "harmful". Has he had his collar felt? Has he been interviewed by the "hate crimes" unit and warned about his future conduct? What do you think?

Fair point, musn't go upsetting the Muslims now should we.

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