Littlejohn "Army betrayed by real enemy within"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by smallbrownprivates, Jun 19, 2012.

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  1. Troops betrayed by the real enemy within | Mail Online

    looks like part 2 of the PR campaign has kicked off.
    Having failed to make much ground with "poor soldiers, useless TA, defenceless Britain", it looks like Littlejohn has been co-opted into a new line of "nasty politicians of both hues, its all the politicians fault"

    He nearly gets there with "the criminal incompetence of those charged with running the Armed Forces.", but then skips on to the temporary elected political management, as opposed to examining the permanent in house uniformed management who lost the UK its last 2 wars (See Ledwidge's comments about Generals seeking an equivalent Falklands moment in Helmand to save the army from cuts - that worked out well didn't it?)

    With the phraseology and targeting of "the desk jockeys at the Ministry of Defence and the land-locked admirals of the Royal Navy, who outnumber the ships available" but not mentioning points identified by Ledwidge last year of "more brigadiers than CR2s", it suggests he might have had an off the record chat with a senior army bod, currently serving or more likely ex (Dannatt seems to be being wheeled out to do some anti cut propaganda at the moment)

    As has been highlighted by OOTS in a number of CA & NA threads recently, an unofficial PR campaign against cuts, but at the cost of common sense seems to have been running for a while.

    The inter service sniping in this piece is quite apt, given published yesterday
  2. They've been betrayed by every political party since ****ing Mafeking. What's so special about now?
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  3. Very true. But you have to accept a begrudging admiration for their consistency.
  4. maybe they should be asking themselves why they're so betrayable.

    the *****.
  5. And distrusted by every Parliament since the 'Lord Protector'
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  6. Simple, weapons are returned to the armoury, so, your unarmed military person is just another muppet to be fecked with.
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  7. Well we've distrusted every Government since then...
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  8. Now there's an idea....
  9. Not sure why he's whinging about the demise of Britain and how awful it is; I'm fairly sure he lives in a mansion in Florida...
  10. I would have thought that with the impending disappearance of the Army in its current form into the pages of history and the creation the Land Force Agency of UK Defence Forces plc to replace it, that there would have been a little more analysis.

    Perhaps the more artistic among the Arrsers might like to design a new corporate logo for it?
  11. Like this one?

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  12. brian1998 - how dare you accuse mr cameron and his pals

    dont you know it wasnt them, its the last lots fault? we should now be focusing on the olympics and all its splendour and what it brings to our country, we shall have people working for nothing, but thats cool its experience for them !!!!!!!............................ or am i just being a sarcastic twat as usual?
  13. I maybe wrong (probably am) but with the exception of the Falklands campaign I wasn't aware that the Harrier (which as a close support VTOL aircraft operating from dispersed sites in West Germany in the 1970s qnd 1980s was an excellent aircraft) was much involved in air to air combat!

    That should set the cat firmly amongst the pigeons...

    I'm not convinced that Mr Littlejohn knows that much about soldiering and the associated politics either!
  14. Great. If you're going to talk about air-to-air combat, you might not want to skip over the fact that the fighter variant of the Harrier was in fact axed under... Labour.
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