Little story that made me smile.

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Gren, Mar 12, 2008.

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  1. All Grens will know of a man called Harry Nicholls VC, for those not fortunate enough, this is him (

    Anyway, my mrs works with a lass who has the surname Nicholls, no relation to the above hero, but her and her huband served in the TA for many years, and left to have a family.
    The husband is a bit of a walt, in so much as, he thinks he is still in, and walks around like hes on parade all the time.
    This gets on his mrs nerves, and she points out to him that he was only TA as he couldnt make it in the real army, she is spot on in her attitude by the way.
    So they had kids and without knowing about the above hero, they called their son "Harry"

    Young Harry is really into the army, due to his dad being a walt, and plays army all the time, even as far as wearing a medal his dad got for shooting.
    Anyway, after giving my mrs the run down on Harry Nicholls VC, she told her friend about the famous name.

    She went home and read up all about the Grenadier hero, everything and anything she could find, and then told young Harry all about him.
    Now young Harry is only 4 but going on 40, great little lad, and like so many his dad is his hero, or was!

    He now wants to be a real soldier and have "proper medals" not "play medals" like his dad.
    So i think a Grenadier is in the pipeline, allbeit a few years away yet.
  2. One thing to point out is that a lot of TA soldiers don't possess toy medals but the real thing, including a recently awarded MC to a tom from the Mercian TA.......
  3. Another point to note is, i did say a play medal for shooting like his dads, no mention was made of medals earned for service, so no problem saying what i did eh?
  4. Sorry if I misread it that the TA were walts with play medals?
  5. Not a problem, but in the case of this lads dad, yes he is, 100% walt :D
  6. A real soldier? He'l end up in the Coldstreams then not the Grenidiers. :wink:

  7. Shut it sheep lover, your yet to find out :p
  8. Blastphemy!!!!!!!! They don't caall us the first and finest regiment of foot gaurds for no reason, not like the Coldstreams being second to one and all that