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Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Jim_Research, Feb 21, 2008.

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  1. Oh no. I'm listed as a Arrse slacker. Dam! I knew I was working too hard. So here's a question for acorns still serving. Is the AB 108 Soldiers Record of Service (AB108) still completed on discharge or has it now been completely replaced with something I believe is called a 'testimonial'?
  2. You must be bored but ... yes the AFB 108 is still going strong. It is a good quality red folder that contains your Certificate of Service, showing dates of service, honours and awards, qualifications, job spec, welfare contacts (for when you are living in your cardboard box on the Embankment), and a one-page testimonial saying what a wonderful chap you were.
  3. Two-page testimonial. Mine, summarised, lamented that the Intelligence Corps would henceforth show a mere shadow of its' former glory, and predicted that I would shortly lead whichever of the world's commercial fields I chose to enter.

    Mind you, it was written by a very close friend in place of the acting CO, who had no idea who I was.
  4. Only if a YBF has been replaced by something called a "confessional"

    Only marsh arabists need apply

    WB If its any consolation, you conduct sheet runs to more than 2 pages
  5. As ever, accurate, concise responses. Thank you one and all.
  6. But then again the Marsh Arabist would write his own and convince everyone that it was totally kosher.
  7. Does anyone remember the old days of Int & Sy Group UK in the mid 80's when the Gp HQ put out a questionaire to all soldiers which included a section on physical appearance (hair colour, complexion, eye colour etc). I guess they had trouble figuring out who was who as well even back then....

    Worked both ways though as I didn't recognise the CO when I met him either.


  8. Would that be "barking bob" by any chance? A 1-man morale machine.....
  9. Now there was a deeply unpleasant individual... :x
  10. Certainly not Baby Bob, then??

    ((although something of a key influencer on the morale front ....famed for his silent, midnight inspections of block 6A :oops: ))

    I feel a "Bob's" thread coming on...............
  11. I once heard his name mentioned in conversation, one of the blokes said "Bob? Oh, the rapist".* Living proof that attaining WO1 used to be a lot easier.........

    * In lieu of any libel action, these were not my words and I cant recall the names of the 2 involved because I was somewhat worse for wear.
  12. I do believe that was his familiar name. Someone from "Op Ore" turned up on his doorstep a few years ago, too, I think.

    Edit: ...and my conduct sheet was a tissue of half-truths, outright fit-ups and other peoples' offences. My LSGC appeal is still rolling.
  13. say nothing of allegedly gay masseur TV stars with similar form.
  14. Gladys

    On a more serious note, some of us are a bit concerned about your nicotine, caffine and calorific intake. Too many free radicals can have a serious impact on your health, have you looked at your complexion recently?

    I can recommend an excellent personal trainer and lifestyle consultant if you wish??
    (( And close to a possible spiritual home of yours , at Harrogate, at that!!))
  15. I hear what you're saying, but I find that associating with Russian hoods, which is my current professional activity, gives lots of scope for boosting my admittedly inadequate intake of caffeine and nicotine. My complexion is recovering its lovely yellowish cast as I type and the phlegm is building nicely in my lungs.

    Thanks for your concern, though; I don't think I'll require the MS Treatment anytime soon, but will certainly bear it in mind, in particular as I fall clearly outside that individual's known and surmised target array of vulnerable young ladies and adolescent boys of attractive appearance. I fit none of those categories, or indeed, any of the associated adjectives.