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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by saintstone, Nov 15, 2007.

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  1. Morning. I left the Army in 1994 and have moved home several times since. During these moves, I have misplaced my AF B108 ( Little Red Book) and was wondering whether it was possible to get it replaced and how one goes about it. Any help or advice in this matter would be gratefully recieved and accepted.
  2. As far as i am aware, you cannot get it replaced, or so it says in it somewhere. Ill have alook in mine and try to get back to you.
  3. Cheers, it's not that it was astoundingly good, but just thought I had it and now can't find it at all and I've ripped the present palace to bits trying to find it, much to the anger of the LHCO.
  4. Replacement 108s
    An AFB 108 can only be replaced in exceptional circumstances and with the authority of DM(A). If lost or destroyed, confirmation of service will be provided, in letter form. Please write to the following address providing proof of ID (a photocopy of a driving license or passport or a recent utility bill) to:

    APC Civ Sec - Disclosures 1
    MP 520, Kentigern House,
    65 Brown Street, Glasgow G2 8EX
    Tel: 0845 600 9663
    Fax: 0141 224 3422

    Hope this helps :D
  5. The above fm Ewan seems the definitive. Just to confirm tho' mine (a similar big A4 plastic thing) says "If this Certificate is lost or mislaid, no duplicate can be obtained. However, (there's always a comma!) if loss is due to exceptional circumstances, discharge details may be obtained from APC.........." with the address given by Ewan.

    This relates to the Certificate of Discharge
  6. Under JPA the hard copy testimonial is given to the soldier by the unit and the A4 Red Book will follow after discharge from Glasgow, it may be prudent to keep copies of the testimonial when issued to you. In addition, we (HR Admin), email the testimonial to Glasgow.
  7. LJS I was under the impression that the copy we email to the JPAC is the one issued in the service leavers pack?

    As usual we have had no guidance and have yet to see one of the new packs.

  8. Nope, you still complete the Hard Copy, give it to the soldier, the soldier, upon reciept of the Red Book can enclose it him/herself, thus, getting rid of the need to issue the 108 Y, Temp Cert of Disch, as he/she already has the full testimonial in their hands, the email copy is a backup proving that the 108 X has been completed, far more beneficial to the soldier discharged awaiting the completed Red Book to hand to his new employer.
  9. LJS,

    Where did you glean that gem from??

    I was also under the impression that the emailled version was included in the red book!

    Idon't know about you but I'm getting realy hacked off with the lack of direction we are getting these days, we just seem to be making it up as we go along, it's bad enough that we've been stuck with a system that isn't up to the task but we now don't know who is supposed to be doing what!!(rant over - for now)
  10. I was discharged in Oct after 22 years and had a right load of drama's with discharge admin, all JPA related. Cutting to chase of this thread - I received an A4 envelope through normal post with my testimonial (littered with spelling errors), certificate of service and a couple of other bits of paperwork. I telephoned Glasgow to enquire what I was to put them in as I was expecting the "little red book" and they informed me that the said "Red books" are no longer issued. The helpful (and I do mean this) lady in Glasgow suggested I put the testimionial and certificates of service in the paper A4 folder called a service leavers pack (that paper A4 foder we receive with lots of information in), or go to WHSmith and buy a hard back folder. I have returned the testimonial and been assured a new one will be issued.

    Is it true that the red folders are no longer issued? If my not having a red book along with all current leavers is helping to fund new and vital kit for the lads and lasses on ops then I can live with it. 8)
  11. Blue moon it is indeed correct that the 'little red books' are no longer issued. Now that we have been JPA'd all personnel get a Service Leavers Pack although what this looks like we have yet to see - although by your description not very impressive sounds apt!

  12. UPDATE:

    Unit has today received the first batch of Service Leavers Packs none of which contain testimonials sent months ago to JPAC.

    JPAC have confirmed that they will be released to the individual on the last day of service so I presume no one will be looking for a job until the day they get out!

    LJS you are therefore correct we need to issue hard copies to the guys when produced.

  13. PW, Yep totaly agree, we just had our LV, it can get to the point where you do not know whether you are coming or going, we had to implement databases to support our work, however, and I know what they are saying, we should not have to, we should be able to use JPA Reporting etc, anyway, for completness see email fro AJIT below on 108's in the JPA era

    For those SLs who have a predicted last day of service of 6 Apr 07 or later the following new JPA procedure is to be applied:

    a. AF B108X will continue to be completed based on existing instructions (QRs 9.437 & PAM Part 2, Chapter 11) and issued to SL for his/her immediate use prior to receipt of their JPA Certificate of Service/Testimonial.

    b. The testimonial text (only) from the AF B108X Page 2 is to be cut & pasted into the JPA Certificate of Service Testimonial Page [word doc] as per the attached example.

    c. Note that the SL rank, name, military conduct assessment and the Commanding Officer's Signature Block are to be inserted as shown. The JPA Testimonial is then to be emailed as a Word document to the JPAC Termination Cell: AFPAA(G)-JPA Testimonials for insertion into the JPA Termination of Service Certificate.

    3. The Army Transition Plan will include instructions for handling unpredicted discharges which are notified after 5 Mar 07 for which the last day of service is before 6 Apr 07.

    Lt Col
  14. I left last week after 23 years and got bugger all.