Little Miss Murielson

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Murielson, Jun 17, 2005.

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  1. One mainly for you parents out there really - now that the subject little one has turned nine she feels it is time that she can go out with her mates and wander around away from castle Murielson to her hearts content.

    First response - absolutely no chance methinks. However, I don't want to stifle her so we have invested in a set of two way radios with a coverage of two miles or so (clear day, BATUSlike, no trees or buildings etc).

    Question is how much freedom did you give yours and when, what age etc? Don't want to be seen as the oppressive Dad but also want to make sure she is safe etc. Bit of a dilemma.

    This is all our fault really as we took her out, she met some new, non-school friends and decided it was time to get a life.
  2. Let her out into the street and to the end of the street but no further. then with every birthday extend her freedom by another street or two. That way you still have control over her, but she feels that she is getting more freedom and daddy trusts her.
  3. I agree with Smithy.

    Little Miss Awol is four now and occasionally, just occasionally, I let her walk from her bedroom to the bathroom.

    But not for too long obviously.
  4. So by the time she's 16, she'll be able to confidently find her way around about 1 sq km.
    I think even the Amish have more freedom than that Agent Smith.
    Murielson, I take it you operate a full call sign system from your Ops room? I must admit that the radio thing is a good idea. My two and a half year old could "talk me" back to the house when I'm drunk, confused and gibbering. Again...
  5. Mur

    You're doing the right thing mate. You just can't be too safe nowadays. The days when you got pushed out the door, as a kid, at 8am on a Saturday morning and not be back until teatime are long gone.

    Duck Junior is 8 and Mrs Duck and I only let him out to play around our estate or in the very nearby adventure playground. If he wants to go or do anything else - ie go to a mates house to play - he comes home and asks. As he gets older we'll let him go a bit farther afield.

    Sometimes he thinks he's a bit of a Beau Geste and wanders outside the perimeter of Camp Duck. But a few well placed smacks and a short grounding always sets him right.

    Just wait until she's a teenager mate. Teenaged lassies are living death upon you!!!!
  6. I have the opposite problem; male offspring, enormous. The problem: how to prevent the lumbering brute from destroying the environment, his pals and the bar furniture in my 'office' with his great ham-fistedness. I have few apprehensions for his safety; only for anyone foolish enough to try it on with him, as his knee-to-the-nethers is mean, like his right hook. I live in fear of both him and his vicious mother.
  7. I understandthe dilemma only too well.

    Little Miss Dees (5)has just learned to ride her bike properly and insists on riding around the crescent which strikes fear into my soul.

    The village is very quiet (one of these "New Villages" that get developed on a green field site that seem to be popping up everywhere) and the roads are designed to keep traffic down to 20MPH which very few people try to break. It's one of the reasons I moved my family here away from Chav-ville. However, the circuit takes her about 2 minutes to complete, most of which is entirely out of view of our house. She doesn't need to cross any roads either, which is a bonus. But she is fiercly independent and too wise for her age. I just have to accept it to avoid stifling her natural urge to grow up.

    Thing is, I remember back to when I was that age, and i would go cycling with friends all day, hardly ever reporting home. I would go across town, up to the canals, sit by the railway, even jumping on a train to go to the next town to go swimming, (granted, that was probably when I was 7) or even cycling there along the busy A41. We had all learned the rules of the road (do they still do cycling proficiency courses?)

    The things I used to get up to (and not often get into any trouble) make me absolutely cringe! My oldest lad, 13 now, has probably not done a fraction of what i would have done by the time I was 10. (although i do occasionally see the conversations he has with girlfriends (thank god!) on MSN.....heh...that's me boy!

    All i can say Murielson, is let her do things that go against your natural instincts to protect her.She'll thank you one day, for not being the only kid in class who isn't allowed out to play after school etc. But, here's the key - safety in numbers! If she is knocking about with mates, make sure you meet their parents (even invite them round for a social drink). Make sure that the kids all know what is good and bad, and reasonable limits on time and distance, and let 'em go.

    Hope that helps.

    P.S. with four of the little sods, i've become quite good at this, but i've yet to send the 2-year old out on a paper round!

  8. As she turns teenager she will immediately be placed in Murielson Tower with a dragon on stag. Was thinking of asking Dale/Beebs or Pops if they were interested in the job.

    I now realise what all those fairy tales were about and she is too cute by half already so she will be grounded from 13 to approx 25.
  9. So planning on being a granddad by the time she turns twelve then Mu?

  10. Muriel, Don't let her out of your sight. Know where she is, who she is with, make it your job to know her friends parents, who they allow into their house when she's there and have a good relationship with them that encourages them to inform you of Little Miss M's movements.

    Teenager will be 18 in January and I still have his friends mobile numbers and their parents landlines. Monkey will soon be 5 and my heart still jumps if he's behind a tree in the park when i scan looking for him.

    We live in truly f*cked up times and with truly f*cked up people.


    PS Yes I do sound nuts, I'd rather sound nuts when my kids are on the line than have to do a police press release asking for information on........
  11. 8O

    so you feel strongly about this topic then Beebs?? :D
  12. After ten years working with sex offenders in secure units? Yes.

    Trust no-one with your children and your trust will never be miss placed.

    Beebs :)
  13. Should also mention that Mrs M is an ex Rozzer and she used to do a lot of child protection work. We will definitely be keeping our eye on this ball and tip toeing the balancing act of giving her freedom and watching her like a hawk.
  14. Mine are allowed supervised visits to the play park. There are one or two other responsible adults here as well who do likewise, but in the main, the Chav attitudes of the local Squaddies and Squaddie's Wives on this estate is f*cking atrocious. Every night I see 4 yr olds cutting about this estate. It is f*cking shocking, the couldn't care less attitudes of some of the scum who live here and serve in the local unit. I call them scum, because that's what they are. They treat the estate like it's a tip, park their chav mobiles where the f*ck they like and are more interested in their social lives than in their kids. Most worrying is that this group includes SNCOs.

    One evening at the start of summer, at exactly a quarter to nine at night, my door bell was rung. On answering the door, I was confronted by a 5 yr old (father is a SSgt) asking if my daughter was coming out to play? A quarter to nine at night? This same kid practically roams the streets here. Her mum by all accounts lets her out to play but tells her that if she comes back in she is in to stay. The kid then stays out until she is tired, too scared to go home to eat.. I've reported it to the RMP who told the unit Families Officer and the kid still roams the street. The kid has tipped up at my house on numerous occasions asking if she can play with my kids. There's no way I will allow mine out of my sight and there's equally no chance of me or my wife acting as babysitter for this urchin. Her own parents couldn't give a f*ck about her. Her dad has just returned from TELIC. The mum doesn't give a shit and we presumed (wrongly) that on dad's return, some 'routine' may be instilled. No f*cking chance.

    It'll not be the fault of the parents if God forbid, anything happens to the kid. No, that'll be someone else's responsibility. It's shameful. I feel embarrssed when the Germans walk through this estate.

    These people live in sh*te, force others to do likewise by littering the place and they couldn't give a monkeys about their kids.
  15. One of my other problems is that a 6 year old who zots all around the place on his pushbike now regularly asks if Miss M wants to go to the shops with him. She takes it as a personal affront that he is 6 and allowed to go out wheras she is nine and her sad old dad won't let her off the leash. I think he may want to move in on her anyway so might be having a word about his intentions.

    I'm also looking out for the plate of the local speedster who has taken to ripping along the road in his Corsa with the sawn off exhaust. Sounds like a hairdryer with a bad cough. See if the local rozzers take any notice when I let them know. Too many parked cars around for a youngster not to nip out if front of him at some stage and he will not have the skills to deal with it.