Little Jurgen

So this history teacher in a German primary school sets the kids some homework - find out what your granddad did in WWII. Next day, she's asking questions round the class.
"Vell Heike, Vot dit your grandvater do zen?"
" Ach, he voz a locomotive driver"
"Sehr gut, how are you knowing zis?"
" Ve haf der picture und he is vearing his locomotive driver's uniform und you can see der grosse train..."
"Ach, gut so, und Fritz, vot did your granvater do, heh?"
" Mein grandvater voz a doctor"
"Und how are you knowing zis Fritz?"
" Ve have der picture von him und he is vearing his weisse coat und has a stethoscope..."
"Das ist schone! Jurgen, vot about your grandvater zen?"
"Mein grandvater voz an electrician"
"Und tell me, how are you knowing zis information?"
" Ve haf ein foto und he has two bolts of lightening on his hat!"
.....but you forgot... ze gas fitter!

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