Little Jonny

Discussion in 'Blue Jokes' started by portlandbill, May 20, 2011.

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  1. Little Johnny was taking a shower with his grandma.

    He casually asked,"Grandma whats that?" She quickly replied, "That's my beaver". Little Johnny didnt say another word.

    Two days later he was taking a shower with his mom. Little Johnny asked,"Mommy whats that?" She replied, "Well Johnny thats my beaver."

    Little Johnny thought for a bit and said,"Well grandmas beaver must be dying her tongues hanging out!!"
  2. You told that to me on the gosport ferry, in amongst the odd dropping of your paratrooper past. you ARE Mike Tierney and whislt I cant call you a cunt on my ferry, and have to laugh at your 'forces' anecdotes, I hereby call you a CUNT - we laugh AT you, not with you. PS - Hows your sister? Lovely gal who you embarress daily with your shite. The only reason I hope you dont fall overboard and get sucked into our screws is that I hope you die of optical cancer. YOU CUNT
  3. Sorry, forgot to mention the fact that not only are you a CUNT, but ure a fat one. You fat CUNT
  4. Oh, and when I take ure ticket, Ill be the one smiling saying 'have a nice day....'

    you fat cunt