Little Johnny

One day, little Johnny comes home from school early. As he can't find his mum in the kitchen or in the sitting room, he heads upstairs to check her bedroom.

He pushes open the door and sees his father, stripped naked, on top of his mother, also starkers, both well into bonking their brains out. Not wanting to traumatize the boy, they continue as if nothing is wrong.

Johnny watches and after a couple of minutes asks, "Dad, can I climb on and have a horse ride?"

"Of course son, we're a family," replies his dad.

Johnny climbs on his dads back and wraps his arms around his neck.

The lovemaking continues and becomes more frantic. Little Johnny starts to whip his fathers arse with an imaginary whip and shouts, "Faster dad, faster! Giddy up!"

Johnny's mum starts to moan and writhe about really wildly.

"Hang on tight dad!" cries Johnny as he grabs his fathers neck tightly, "this is where me and the milkman usually fall off!"
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