Little Johnny..Again

Little Johnny's parents were invited round to see their neighbours new baby boy. Although the child's hearing was fine, he had, unfortunately been born without ears as such.
Johnny's dad had a good talk with him and warned him not to make any comments about the baby's ears. He told him that if he even so much as mentioned the word 'ears', he would get a good smacking and no pocket money for the rest of the year. Johny said that he'd got the message.
They all went round and Johnny's parents made the usual cooing noises etc. Then Johnny said. "He has beautiful little toes and fingers and a really lovely little nose". The proud mum said. "Why thank you Johnny, that's a really nice thing to say." His dad breathed a sigh of relief and rolled his eyes at his wife. Johnny Then said. "He's got really lovely eyes as well, is his eyesight good?" Mum said. "Thankfully, yes, the doctors said he had really good vision."
Johnny said.
"Just as well, he'd be totally f****d if he needed glasses."
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