Little hope for Afghans in 2008


Little hope for Afghans in 2008
By David Loyn
BBC News, Kabul

British troops have sustained heavy casualties in Afghanistan in 2007

After two years in which the violence in Afghanistan has become worse, it is hard to see signs of hope in 2008.

The detailed new international commitments, and promises of more money, put forward at the London Conference in January 2006, made little headway as the war against the Taleban went into a new phase.

In the south, mainly British and Canadian forces have sustained far more casualties during this period than earlier, as they have fought for control of the Pashtun heartland.

In the east, US forces have been trying to contain the insurgency in the giant White Mountain range, hampered by a porous border to the Taleban recruiting grounds in Pakistan's North West Frontier Province on the other side.
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I believe that the Army/ Military will do their Job as only they know how.
Just what the Politico's will do only they know.
As long as the Politicians provided the Necessary support the the troops will not let Britain down.
If Ganistan is nessasary is another debate.

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