Little help with bursary/selection please?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by a.greenaway, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. I'm going through the bursary route. If I went along with the process now (I've only applied and been to see my CO once so far), would I do selection before or after my college course? It's just that I went to an information day and one recruiter told me that I would do the medical forms and the BARB test then that would be me until I came out of college. But my CO said that I'd do selection and then the course. I'm only wondering because I'm nowhere near fit and I have so many bills to pay for at the minute that going to the gym is a no-no until June. I'm also trying to get more experience (applying for dog trainer) in voluntary settings. My thought is to apply for college now, do as much exercise as I can until June then join the gym and continue the process then? Just wanting some other opinions.
  2. your overating the whole gym thing. all you need is a good training program and a little determination.
  3. Well I do have a circuit training program that I started a while ago but things like running, I won't be able to do without a treadmill right now (or if the doc finds something wrong with my throat and fixes it) because outdoor running absolutely demolishes my throat whether I have an infection or not. I'll have a look on the fitness thread because I am determined to get through the process as soon as possible. If I can set up a good training program then all that will be left is the experience but I could state how much experience I currently have and then say that I will be volunteering throughout my college course (which I will be) and hopefully they will be satisfied with that. Thanks for your help.
  4. Don't you think perhaps you need to get your throat issue assessed first, both for your health and also whether you have a issue that precludes you joining, outdoor exercising demolishes your throat does not sound promising to me, so see a doc and get it sorted pronto, if it is sortable of course.
  5. Not everyone can afford £20 a week! I certainly couldn't!

    To the OP, as previously said, get your throat sorted out before worrying about your fitness.
  6. Maybe even long slow wanks with a quick dash for the finish

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  7. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    On the bursary point - you will not be paid any money for a bursary unless you complete ADSC with an A or a B pass (soldier route not offficer). You apply for it whilst in the application process as long as the course you are doing is the level required. You must pass your course and Phase 2 training or you will need to pay back any money you were awarded. As the posters have said before, get the med issue cleared up first.
  8. Yes, definitely. I have an appointment booked for tomorrow morning. Also thanks for the last reply. I'm going to get my throat looked at and then see my CO. Course is relevant to my chosen job and it's the right level as I asked last time I was there. In the meantime, I'm going to on my bike as that doesn't seem to affect me. Maybe it's a breathing thing?
  9. You don't breathe whilst cycling? Bet that's a short ride!
  10. For Christ's sake don't stop breathing before you've had a word with the doctor!
  11. When you refer to "Your CO" do you mean "Careers Office" ?
  12. Yeah I mean Careers Office. Lol I meant that when I'm on a bike, I can breathe normally no matter how fast I'm going but with running, I have to breathe a lot harder and I've heard that can cause throat problems when beginning
  13. My local gym is £5.30 every time or £4 as a concession which I might be able to get with JSA but that still means £12 a week if I wanted to go three times. Which right now, I absolutely cannot afford because I have rent (to my mum), a phone contract etc. Swimming is cheaper as a concession so I might do that along with cycling, circuit training and hopefully running. Which I hope should be enough to get me through selection, fitness wise.