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At the church I attend there was a funeral today of a former signaller, his widow and kids are not far from poverty and to confound matters his widow is 6 months pregnant and has been diagnosed with pre eclampsia.

He was killed in an RTA whilst working.

If the guy had been infantry I would know how to steer the family for help, but have never dealt with the Royal Signals and could do with a steer regarding any Royal Signals associations that may be of use to her.

Happy to discuss further by pm if required.

Try contacting Royal Signals RHQ in Blandford who may be able to help by passing you onto the Royal Signals Benevolent Fund which aids former signallers and their families in need.
There are branches of the Royal Signals Association throughout the UK. This link Royal Signals Association - Branches gives you the locations of them. Unfortunately, I can't see any phone numbers but you can e-mail them.
Hope it all works out. They are there, specifically, to help in cases like this. However, when my daughter had a problem, SSAFA were extremely helpful. Branch

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