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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Benny687, Jan 9, 2007.

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  1. Hi
    I am currently trying to join the Booties, but theyve cocked up some form or other somewhere and the process is taking forever. ive been looking at the Infantry, in particular the Green Jackets. was wondering what your opinions would be of them or if any of you are serving/ex Green jackets.
    basically i want reassurring that these guys get to do the main job of infantry and fight wars. my main reason for wanting to join the Marines is that they seem to be the ones that get to go and do the job most. correct me if im wrong.

    any help is appreciated.

  2. You wouldn't be joining the Green jackets now you'd join the Rifles an amalgamation of the Royal Green Jackets the Light Infantry, the Devon and Dorsets and the Royal Gloucester, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiments.

    You'd have a choice of 5 Battalions in which to serve one of which is going to be a part of 3 Commando Brigade (1st Rifles) and then there is a choice of 2 Light role Infantry Bns (2nd and 3rd) one Mechanised (5th) and one Armoured Infantry (5th) plus there will be another 2 TA Bns

    Go to your nearest careers office they should be able to tell you more
  3. Benny- Do the Parachute Regiment not get more of their fair share then?
  4. paras and 16 air assault bde do get their fair share from what ive read and seen on the news, ive just been hearing rumblings about the future of the parachute regiment. ie the cancellation of jump training until 2007 etc...
    i might be wrong. plus ive always wanted to be one of sharpes rifles!

  5. To be honest mate if I were you and wanted to join the booties, i'd be chasing the AFCO everyday finding out whats going on. Call them or visit them and tell them its starting to fcuk you off. I'm not sure if this apply's but it takes approx 6 months to join the RM's from start of application on average, so therefore 3-4 months to get on a PRMC.
    If you really want to join the Booties, go for it. Alternately there is the Parachute Regiment who get there fair share of operational duties, and the soon to be formed 'Rifles,' whose 1st Ballalion will be commando roled (so you do the AACC, get the green lid and go on to support 3cdo bde).
  6. You are wrong. The Parachute Regiment has spearheaded nearly all operations in the last 10 years. The marines spearheaded Afghan in 2002 and 2 Para followed them out afterwards.

    what you could do is try for Para Regt then if you fail you'll probably be sent to the green jackets as that's where we usually send our failures. :wink:
  7. Don't worry about it mate, its already 2007 :p

    T C
  8. Parachuting isn't being binned. The Battalion is parachuting next week. well, those who need to, to keep their Para pay are!
  9. That was the bit that had me wondering as I'm sure if qualifying jumps weren't being done I would assume quite a few would sign off.
  10. To be honest anyone who signs off in Battalion just because they can't parachute anymore we're glad to be rid of them. Real Paras aren't in it for the parachuting.
  11. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Those rigging lines get caught up with the chat up lines?
  12. This is True as i've had quoted to Me on many occasion's from lad's who turned up to our Bn from Para Depot,their Training Screw's used to say to them "If you want to be a good Hat be a Jacket" ha ha,Cheers Fella's,i think ??? :)
  13. Benny687,Ref your Hunger for Action in far off distant land's,Marine's,Para's,and regular Line Infantry all seem to be getting their share,so whatever Unit you choose to join i'm sure they will all do their best to accomodate your Need's...
  14. not sure if the comment by FJ was ment as a insult, but beggars cant be choosers, i would welcome any airborne failure into the battalion, if hes not suited in that role then the rifles would offer a mixture of other infantry roles that may suit.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    There were a few broken wings as we called them, came to LI via Peninsular Bks, if the RGJ Bn of choice was on ops and these lads would be offered something sunny such as 1LI in Cyprus. We got a rake of RGJ lads, about half stayed on. Broken wings as most of these lads were injury backsquads or told that the broken femur meant no jumping in the future so they came to us. One lad was particularly excellent, died in a Sub aqua accident in Cyprus. tragic Loss. Cpl Jon Rann!