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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by boony, Jan 10, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,
    I am curently looking to join the army but i was deffered until april 12 due to the use of a inhaler within the last four years. My question is is there anyway i can contact the (Army doctors) so that i can start my army process any quicker , my recruter said that the he cannot re-start my aplication untill april without the doctors say so.
    thanks boony
  2. Sorry to say it but you've already been given your answer from your careers office, you have been told April for a reason! Use this time off to keep up your fitness, you'll need it!
  3. cheers i thought as much, it's just a little annoying due to the fact of how long my recruiter took with my previous application. Also will i have to undergo any further rest at my assesment regarding the use of a inhaler.
  4. I'm not sure regarding any extra tests, the careers office will advise you on that.

    Consider yourself lucky you can reapply in April, I have to wait at least 6 months before I can even start the whole application process as I am re-enlisting! lol
  5. On your letter of deferral does it say you have the right to appeal the decision? If it does then if you provide the necessary medical evidence you can appeal the decision.
    When you go to ADSC you will have to undergo a test, I think it is called a spirometer test or something like that
  6. yes i did have the right to apeal, but i didnt i've use the extra few month to get even fitter . will my own decision to not apeal got agains me in anyway shape or form
  7. I got deferred for a year and I just rode it out. That went in my favour because it showed how committed I was to joining the Army and how much I really wanted it. Lots of guys who arn't really that interested just dont bother going back after a deferral.
  8. As said wait till April and Restart or continue your application depending if BARB test still within a year. If medical suitable then and passed all Insight courses and Pre Selection after you have had interviews you will do an addittional Spirometry test during your medical at ADSC. Its a lung function test where you do some exercise on a bike and they test your lung capability...look at stickies to see as been mentioned before. Work on your fitness in the next few months and plenty of revision.
  9. Just use this extra time to make yourself fitter :)