Little help needed please nerdlingers.

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Salford-Vera, Feb 18, 2008.

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  1. No offence re nerd thing obv.

    Anyway, i have today bought and external 600gb hard drive which i have installed on to my PC, the thing is i have basically bought it for my ipod/itunes. Currently these are all stored in the the D drive but i want to move everything from there and whack it in me (new) G drive as i have very little space left on the D drive. (1gb left to store music, well not enough)

    Problem that i fear is losing all my music, which i have done before by attempting to move ipod/itunes from D to C drive. I cant think how i did it last time when i fooked it up so i cant advise much.

    Now, what do i do to move ipod and itunes from old D to new G drive, do i go to my comp, open D drive the right click the stuff i want to move and send to G drive?

    That sounds very uncomplicated and im actually hoping that that is all i need to do.

    Your advise would be really appreciated.
  2. Buy a record player and vinyl
  3. Got and got.
  4. I don't use itunes myself because I disagree with DRM but have seen this scenario a dozen times now.
    This Blog entry describes the process in detail: HOWTO move itunes library
  5. Thanks for that mate, i'll check it out.

    Nice one.
  6. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Whatever you do, use "COPY" ... not "MOVE".
    Once it's worked, you can delete the original collection on :/C
    That way, if anything goes to sh1t you still have the original collection of sh1tty nasty noises on your C drive ...

    [unless you're into The Classics, in which case I'll withdraw that last bit ;-)]
  7. Come on, be honest, how many of those files are actually DRM? At 79p a download (sorry if thats wrong, just quoting from a similar comment i read online recently) you must be one hell of a rich man to fill up a hard disk with iTunes songs :D
    There was a recent news article about the Record industry trying to make ISP's responsible and report illegal downloaders (ignoring the legal and technical problems) someone pointed out that to legally fill a 40Gb Ipod would cost around £20,000 lol
  8. Ive got a 30gb ipod and tonnes of cd's, i also have a vinyl converter thing which i havent yet touched and my ipod has 20gb (min) used, fook knows what im gona do when i sort me vinyl collection out!

    By the way, ive not robbed a single tune.*

    *Im not an honest person(ish)!
  9. Sorted, all up an running.